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October 17, 2008



I'm glad he was aquitted. Dog fighting is a disgusting practice. But so is slaughting innocent animals under false pretenses and without conviction of ANY crimes. Maybe this will help stop the carnage committed by our own gov...I'm quite certain hundreds of thousands more dogs were killed by bad gotvt policy than by FB.


if you read what petdefense says, you can see why the case went like it did. the HSUS tried to bring in an expert that was not qualified, and no one seemed to know how the order was given to kill all the dogs, esp to have done it in one day. and you are right about the constitution. HSUS helps market a video alleging how to spot dogfighting. they have undercover snitches working against commercial breeders. a non profit agency in PA has now filed a Fed con law claim against PA Dog Swat team person. HSUS is responsible for making many hate the dogs, and thus the dog owners. but one day, HSUS is going to get snagged. just look at the law proposed last year in WA D.C. Elimination of pet ownership and police power vested in "humane groups" where they could just take your pets. HSUS is barking up the wrong tree.

KC KS Kills Dogs


In the Kansas City KS last year, the owner was only able to save two dogs, her adult son's Doberman and her dog Fleas (the dog accused of being a pit bull and the father to both litters - even though the ACOs had not witnessed the act of breeding). Fleas was deemed not a pit bull by expert opinion. A number of vets examined the dog and that testimony was entered into evidence in court. DNA tests were not yet available in that part of the country. The dog owner Apryle Nash was cleared of criminal charges ONLY - 20 counts of possessing illegal dogs - pit bulls. But she has never sued the city for the many violations of her Constitutional rights or loss of her property - her dogs.

Interestingly enough - the city only entered into evidence two things to prove the dogs were pit bulls; a short note from their city vet "I believe one of the parents of these dogs is a pit bull" and a forced confesssion the dog owner had to sign to get her dog out alive before her court date.

All the puppies were killed and most likely the other momma dog, that was just a mutt.

Constitutional violations by Kansas City, KS:

1) Entered private property without a warrant (yes forced open locked gate)
2) Illegal search and seizure (tore through garbage cans locked inside dogowners fence and took pictures of the trash for evidence)
3) Accused and convicted of trumped up neglect charges
4) Denied due process - had to sign dog over to a new owner and confess the dog was a pit bull

Yet this city has neighborhoods with lots of stray dogs (looks like a third world country in some parts), has multiple serious attacks on residents including some deaths by vicious dogs, but is too busy targeting good dog owners whose dogs are not running loose, have their shots, and aren't vicious.

Makes you wonder how they keep getting away with this?!


I also don't really know what I think about Boudreaux and his practices. I'm not a fan of keeping a ton of dogs in dog boxes living on chains, but it's not illegal to do so there and there's no evidence that I'm aware of that the dogs were poorly treated.

But to kill them all outright for no good reason other than somebody fingered them as fighting dogs is horrible. Even if they HAD been fought, that's not a good enough reason to kill them. But nobody cares about what's right or fair to the dogs, it seems. Which, I guess, considering the HSUS is involved, is typical.



I am so happy for floyd, eveyone knows that the roots of the pit bull originated in dog fighting but these dogs also have found there way into our homes and are loved and cared for.floyd boudreaux pioneer the boudreaux blood line that yes in the day when it was legal to fight dogs was one of the top blood lines .today he just love his dogs and just like any breed lover has keeped and countinue to breed his dogs .i own two and do not fight my dogs and they get along just fine.the media is the worst it is the ideal of a few and but some how these barrers of bad news seem to control the minds of so many hitler used it in germany against the jews in germany to get the germans behind him and they use it as a weapon against these dogs the media and the propaganda spreading liars have done all of us wrong and harm some way or a nother the saddness you feel when they tell you we the country is going bankrupt to get there fav elected pure evil.the media was used agianst the blacks in the 1960 it was used a political tool by so many librals today there is no bypartism at all they report people listen the gulable believe.


57 dogs where is PETA ?


PETA? where is the amimal activists now? These poor dogs were euthanized within 24 hours of being proven innocent..........


PETA was probably uncorking the champagne after it got the memo about more dead 'pit bulls'.

Drew King

Floyd has been out of the game a long time. In fact the last time I seen him he was judging a ADBA show in northwest Fl. The ADBA has been for the last ten years not even recognizing POR's,ROM's or any ranking of the game. If anything you would think the "humane" groups would be in favor of a breeder like Mr Boudreax but noooo..they label all the same, kinda like a old timer named...Hitler. Wise up American people, the media is lying to you everytime they ink a pad when it comes to bulldogs or anything else they can stir up fear and chasos about. Check out Its happening everyday in all corners. May god help us.


i am glad that finally us "dog folks' got some kind of justice! i just hate it for all those poor dogs. i am a pitbull owner & have been for years. the police shot some of my dogs also. it was horrible. they were just like family. i have friends that are real close with mr brodreaux. we actually have some dogs that came from him. as i have always said.."PUNISH THE DEED NOT THE BREED". So to mr brodreaux & family god bless you & keep your head up.

M. Brent Eccles

My BEST DOG came from the Boudreaux's "8 Ball" - bred to a rough 'LiL' Bitch, named, Boudreaux's "Trip'... He's name is "Double Trouble"... He has produced many of "above average" dog's that many would have called "Ace's"... THANK - YOU, "Mr. Floyd", for having this "Bloodline", "Culled-Out", VERY WELL!!! I will continue with these "LIL" Dog's untill I'm carted off to the funeral home!!! I've been a "Dog Man",for 22 years.My DAD owned them my whole life. When I left out on my own, 22 years ago, I had 4 with me!!! Know, my son is 19 yrs old,and LOVES his "Boudreaux" dog's...THANKS Mr. Floyd!!!!!!!

Carol Davis

I had a dog that was hand picked from the yard by my step son. This dog was a double bred "Mavrick" dog. I know "Mr. Floyd and his son personally,very good people. Wish I could get back in touch. Thank you. Carol Davis.


i have many Boudreaux dogs and i love the breed it s proving to be the best in the world today thank you Floyd Boudreaux

Randy Roberts

Floyd,Guy and ur whole family,I've set back in awe. Sence all happened.Ive had a few of ur dogs, and have had the good fortune to visit you and ur family on more than one occasion. I've been around these dogs for 40 yrs and want you to know I've rubbed shoulders with a lot of of true dogmem.But over all those yrs.I never parting from a visit,phone call seeing you judging a dog pull or confirmation, it was an honor, Sir!!! I won't give those pieces of shit a second because it's hard to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent!!!! But I will say when you are given something that is everything you could want and more,as the apbt will,give thanks to men,like Floyd Boudreaux and his son because if not for those men we would not have the best all around breed in the world.

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