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October 20, 2008



The argument I've seen is that Skeldon is simply doing his job. But, what he also does is boast about how many dogs he kills, specifically dogs of the bull breeds. There is simply no room for a member of public service to gleefully proclaim his/her proficiency with killing.


Brent, the meeting is TODAY, I got the info on super-short notice.

I hope some of our friends from Help Fido might make it but it's tough at 2 pm on a weekday.


Today?! The Help Fido folks are centered around the Columbus area -- so it's a long trek for them. But I would hope that many of the folks from the Canine Advocates of Ohio group can be there.

Brian C

We thought about going but yes, it's difficult to get to Toledo from Columbus on a weekday. I'm not sure if CAO group was present or not. However, the group up there in Toledo really seems to be on top of things. As to your post, Brent, I completely agree and thought the same thing when I read that. A good argument could be made that keeping dogs safe from people is a much bigger problem currently than the other way around. As I know you are aware, spend a few hours in a shelter or humane society and your opinion of our fellow humans can't help but go down when you see the mistreatment many dogs (and cats) receive.


Looks as though about 40 people showed up:

KC KS Kills Dogs

It looks like Skeldon had the Mayor and a number of law enforcement stand up for him.

Here in the Kansas City area we have seen totally incompetent staff just get transferred to another department, but never fired.

It's very frustrating fighting against the staff in these cities.


I would ask questions related to performance.

Have dog bites increased or decreased under Skeldon's watch? How about general bylaw infractions - loose dogs, failure to stoop and scoop, excessive barking, etc.

How much time is spent chasing 'pit bulls' instead of working to create compliance?

Has licensing compliance increased or decreased under Skeldon's watch?

Have there been improvements in equipment, facilities, etc?

Is there a policy of increasing staff training - conflict resolution, dog behaviour, owner counselling?

Is there a dog bite prevention program in place for utility and public personnel, for children in the schools?

Skeldon has been in his position since 1987 (freaky). What qualified him for the job initially, and has he been involved in continuing education - has he taken any management course, animal control courses, is he up to date on new developments in his field?

Has there been any measurable improvement in the way animal control is perceived by the public, in reduction of overall problems, in revenue increases which pay for animal services in Toledo?

And so on. Forget Skeldon, look at his performance.

Oh, and vote that mayor out at the next civic election.


I really hope he is fired. If he is, maybe this will send a clear message to the shelter I work at to clean up their act as well. *crosses fingers*


I really hope he is fired. If he is, maybe this will send a clear message to the shelter I work at to clean up their act as well. *crosses fingers*


I really hope he is fired. If he is, maybe this will send a clear message to the shelter I work at to clean up their act as well. *crosses fingers*


I certainly applaud what 4 Lucas County Pets is doing. It needs to happen in Cleveland too. CAO did have its NW Ohio rep there (s/he has become known to Skeldon and could possibly receive some "visits" from his office soon...I am grateful the risk people are going to face this injustice head on) but Skeldon has already done the most damage to Ohioians by "winning" the Tellings case and having the courts affirm BSL is constitutional. The sitting judges that are up for election this year are definitely NOT getting my vote. I hope other Ohioians are going to do the same. We need to exercise our power when we can.


Dawn, please post all the judges names here and get the word out to the Ohio groups ASAP! THIS is exactly the way BSL will get overturned in Ohio. At this point its the only way - VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!! I will post them in the KCDA newsletter for our members to forward to their contacts in Ohio.



I just checked this today. Sorry!

The sitting judges are (don't vote for):
Maureen O'Connor (R)
Evelyn Stratton (R)

Opposition (vote for these justices):
Joseph Russo (D)
Peter Sikora (D)


Isn't O'Connor the one who wrote the nice write up about how BSL was completely unnecessary and yet voted to overtun Tellings anyway?


Yes Brent, she's the one. I felt betrayed.


Yes, O'Connor wrote a dissent but still voted to overturn. I felt betrayed.


I participated in the meeting and represented Canine Advocates of Ohio. I think the commissioners are listening and their feedback has been very positive. They are ready to make some changes. Skeldon was quoted in the paper as saying he knew nothing about the meeting, yet every person who spoke on his behalf mentioned that he asked them to come. Did I mention they were all either being paid by the city or were city politicians? Two letters that were written to the commissioners so that they could be read at the meeting began with "Tom Skeldon asked me to write". As usual Skeldon opens mouth and inserts foot. People expect the truth from public servants, not self-serving lies. If anyone would like to help support those of us who are stuck in Lucas County please email the commissioners. Ask them to support the efforts of Canine Advocates of Ohio and 4 Lucas County Pets by establishing a citizens advisory board to develop a new vision for Lucas County and to close the pound and develop an Animal Resource Center. Their addresses are ;; Thanks for your support!

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