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September 23, 2008


What`s going to be the final straw for good Owners?

I wonder when violence will erupt over BSL and seizures like this?


Will this is one of many matters why the Gadsden flag flies outside my home.
Although I'm sure that any violence would hurt those of us that oppose BSL, and I'm sure we all know this. This is why we must be on the offense with writing to our government officals and studying the law and constitution.
Also informing the public and our neighbors that our dogs aren't bad, but stigmas are hard to break.
But just for kicks you can make a flag of Gonzales and replace the cannon with a pit bull.

I really hope someone comes to her aid, she looks just like my little girl. Any word from MPR?


Oh God, how heartbreaking! What a beautiful girl. Yes, I can just imagine how scared she is. I hope someone can help her or adopt her soon! Shame on Independence, MO for this ban, and shame on those neighbors who called to have this sweetheart taken so cruelly from her family.


I would snatch this doll up in a minute if I could. BSL and my apartment limits prevent me. Pushing my luck as it is. However, I will get the word out to others. If there anyone out there who could foster this girl, I believe she'd make a great asset to the Luv-a-Bully protest march and I would be happy to help w/ that part. We could make a big fuss over her and perhaps meet some nice people who would compete for the chance to provide her the kind of home she deserves.


About the first commenter referring to violence about this issue, I can just imagine some power-hungry cop shooting someone who protests when they try to seize a family's innocent, nonviolent dog.



Go ahead shoot

[quote] I can just imagine some power-hungry cop shooting someone who protests when they try to seize a family's innocent, nonviolent dog.[/quote]

Maybe that`s what needs to happen for People(Politicians and other Breed Ban supporters)to really wake up.
I know that I will put up a physical fight to prevent seizure of my dog if it comes to that.
I can`t imagine handing over my dog if it truly is a family member.I wouldn`t hand over my kid because they look like someone who committed a crime.Why would I hand over my dog?


Mike, I hope you take you anger and focus is on getting this law changed. There are people that want this law repealed but we need citizens to fight. Email and I'll put you on our email list.

PAMM - People Against Mad Mothers

The POS that pushed this law thru is no longer living in Indy - you'll take some pleasure in knowing that her health went bad, her house was forclosed on and now she's living in Lone Jack with her dad!

Paybacks a bitch isn't it Paluka?

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