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September 28, 2008



From the "sheep dog" story: If these dogs can't distinguish between a wild animal and a mountain biker, that makes for a dangerous situation."

Huh? Generally speaking, livestock guardians aren't expected to distinguish between a mountain biker and a wild animal. They're expected to be livestock guardians and a mountain biker, as silly as it sounds, poses as much of a concern to a highly territorial dog as does a loose dog, raccoon, coyote or mountain lion. And when that concern starts flinging a large, metal bike at you, I imagine a normal response might be to bite the holder of that metal bike. Just saying. (I'm not arguing either way whether the dogs should have been there or not).

Though I think the best quote in that article is: "Maybe it is the wolves that are making them this way"

Yes. It is the wolves making the highly territorial guard dogs - you know - guard. Just like it's the wolves eating grandmothers and blowing down houses. I'm sure the wolves are responsible for our failing economy too! I'm surprised he didn't add on a think of the children bit.


I enjoy your roundups. I can't believe the one about the 130-pound "pitbull." It was obviously a mix or some other kind of dog.

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