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September 30, 2008



Make it stop!!!!!!!!!


Oh how I wish I could.

For the life of me I can't figure out how politicians think ignoring the experts in their community (and by 'experts' I don't mean people who have been thinking about this for a month or two) on this is the wisest decision. They put together a committee of the people they thought were most qualifited to provide input on a good ordinance -- let them work on an ordinance for 2 months -- and then basically ignored them.

For the life of me I just don't get it.


A Harness requirement - LMAO! WTF told him THAT!? Thanks Gary, can't wait to hear your ideas on nuclear physics. Hey, maybe Gary can figure out what to do about our financial crisis too?

On the upside, Gary has blatently shown his ignorance. What a joke...


Garry was in our corner from the beginning. Then all of a sudden after last weeks hearing..Wendys"expert" testimony(LMAO) he changed his mind. He was originally for the dogs stating that the focus should be on the human end of the leash not the dog, but someone or something has pulled him in the Blevin's direction. Now he wants all kinds of muzzling requirements, harness requirements, 21 and over.
He is my council man and I supported him, but now my husband,myself and my mother will be going to the polls the next election we can and voting him out. While the media claims that many people suggested that the harnesses and the over 21 rule should be added to this ordinance, We were at the meeting and we were there for the entire meeting and the only person that recommended these requirements was Wendy Blevins. You can watch the entire meeting online if you like....


The harnessing thing really blows my mind -- there is a reason people don't use harnesses for dog training. They give you less control. But I wouldn't expect someone who is an "expert" with 2 whole months of experience to know that...

The 21 year old ordinance -- plus, putting an end date on that of 2010 makes that seem very targeted toward one person -- especially when you know there is a 19 year old that lives close to Wendy Blevins and owns a 'pit bull'.

Angel, you must do more than go out and vote against some of these clowns. You must get others to do so also. Serve on Suttle's campaign for mayor, campaign for whomever runs against Gerrandt. Nothing sends a message louder than voting against people who discriminate against law abiding citizens and ignore people who are truly experts in their field.



The experts in the community - the staff from the nebraska humane society are not quite as innocent as they seem. The NHS opposses BSL in sort of the same way HSUS does.

The NHS has been sliming pitbulls for at least the last twenty years. In Omaha, just about every time a pitbull farts or sratches somebody an expert from NHS grabs the phone and reports the incident to all of the local media outlets.

The NHS also refuses to adopt out any dog that faintly resembles a pitbull - for the dog's own good, of course.

They also seem to approve of the local police using the city's dogs for target practice. Oddly enough, the dog shootings peaked right before the mayor formed his committee. I'm estimating, but I would guess there was 400% increase in cop on dog shootings in the last year... maybe there was a boom in Omaha's dangerous dog population?

I think the NHS is content to play coy and collect the half million dollar budget increase they get out this boondoggle.


I think Budgie speaks truth. Many local 'humane' organizations have been drinking the AR Kool Aid. They come out looking as though they get it, then duck and cover when they are in line for a payout. It happened in Ontario, the OSPCA was bought off with a million at the time and more money coming down the pike. Couple that with the transformation of most 'humane' societies into breeding grounds for AR activism and it makes sense.

Harnesses LMAO! They're great if you want to teach a dog to pull, kind of like those infernal retractable leads.

If the age of majority is 21, then I'm down with 21-year-olds being able to own dogs - but not just walk them.

Here's a question for the estemed council: Since dogs of every shape and size have been responsible for unpleasant incidents of varying degrees, and since many people believe that the restrictions applied to 'pit bulls' (and whatever else these yahoos have decided are secretly Tasmanian Devils) will provide extra security to protect the public from these kinds of incidents, will the Council consider applying these restrictions to all dogs in the community?.

If not, why not?

Heh. Watch them squirm.


Oh budgie, I certainly have my beefs with NHS. I think an awful lot of this could have been avoided if they'd been doing their jobs well. I also wasn't in love with the ordinance that they put forth (although it's way better than this current mess). What I don't get (at all) is what the point of assembling a committee of "experts" is if the council is just going to ignore them anyway. I mean, really?

At this point i can't even imagine being NHS and trying to enforce this mess of an ordinance. What is worse, it it's bound to be a complete disaster, and I'm sure someone in two years will say they should have done a full ban instead of looking at the mess they've created with the current ordinance. Funny (not ha ha funny) that taking away foolish ordinances is seldom an option.

Meanwhile, if I were in charge at NHS, I'd tell them I'd refuse to enforce the ordinance that is proposed. NHS owns the shelter and the resources. What is the Omaha city going to do? Build a whole animal control department from scratch? They have all the power in this relationship and so far are not using it to their advantage...


Council passes ordinance 6 to 1. Councilman Frank Brown the only one voting against it, questioning its effectiveness.


Vote the yahoos out of office and quit donating to the NHS. Its time "Humane" societies get out of bed with city officials and start doing their job of protecting animals. If NHS doesn't want to stand up for pit bulls, cut off their public funding.

It is way past due for joe citizen to stand up for their personal rights and vote with their dollars.

Omaha, you're not getting any of my tourism dollars.


Hello everyone, its Wendy Blevins here.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I NEVER EVER claimed to be an expert on Pit Bulls or dog ordinances. The media choose that title for me and I was unaware of it until it aired.

I also wanted to say that I am well aware that this ordinance is going to be difficult to enforce and is not perfect. But we have to try. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. Most of you seem to think it won't. Ok then, Time will tell. Everything will be reassessed in around 1.5yrs and maybe then something "better" will come to light.

Maybe one of you reading this will come up with something better. Its about protecting the community. At least thats what its meant to do.

As for everyone complaining about me being involved in pushing or swaying the councils decisions. They are grown men that have the ability to choose whatever choice they want. I told my story and gave my "non-expert" opinion, just as everyone else in the community did. Thats it!

The end result was on them.

I myself am just trying to make Omaha safer. I do not have all the answers on how to do that. I have never claimed to have all the answers. But what happened to my daughter and I should never happen to another family again. That much I do know.

Thats it I guess. I'm sorry if I have ticked anyone off here. I just feel for a lack of a better word "attacked" in a way. I never asked for all this, please remember that. I was a mom taking her child for a wagon ride, thats it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,
Charlotte's Mommy

Fed up with people like Charlotte`s Mommy

Something better was already available Charlotte`s Mommy but instead of listening to the REAL Experts they listen to people like you who think your child`s injuries are worse than a child injured or killed by a Husky or Lab or Golden Retriever or....Get it?
Dogs are NO more of a problem today than they were a Century ago and you`d know that if you were prepared to read what the REAL Canine Experts have to say.
You have no business and no right to take away the rights of other people because of 1 alleged pit bull??? that bit your child.
BTW here is NO such Breed as a pit bull so a pit bull did NOT attack your child.
I`m still waiting for the Blevin clan to answer this question.
What Breed of dog bit your child?
A mutt bit your child!
If you knew what Breed it was,you`d name it.
Responsible Dog Owners are getting pretty sick of people like you and I`m one of them.
We wouldn`t even have heard of your case if you had not alleged that this dog was one of those so called "demon" dogs.
If a Golden Retriever had bit your child the Media wouldn`t give a damn and you would have not attempted to ruin the lives of ALL owners of Golden Retrievers.
As previously stated you`re a moron who has bought into this nonsense that dogs bite because of the way they look.
Do a little REAL RESEARCH Ms Blevins!
You`re another Collen Lynn looking for revenge and I hope Residents fight back!!


You guys are all dumb...Wendy is awesome. When was the last time you saw a mother take action like this after something happened to to a child? She is an example for every other parent out there... Things can be done and changed if you care enough and take the time to make people notice there is a problem! Instead of beating her down and whining about the changes you don't like, maybe you should get out there and try to make a difference too... but wait... you wouldn't take the time...would you?

Fed up with people like Charlotte`s Mommy & Katie

How about taking the time to read what the REAL EXPERTS have to say, Mommy and Katie?
The only problem here is people like you 2 who make this about Breed and then these "grown men" cater to your demands.

Community Approach to Dog Bite Prevention

Leading Expert on Canine Fatalities

What the Experts say about BSL

Pit Bull Placebo

Who are you going to blame if a Dachshund belonging to an irresponsible bites Charlotte next time?

Still waiting to hear what Breed of dog bit Charlotte?

The Breed is irrelevant but since it`s relevant to you 2,perhaps you should state the Breed.

Like I said before if a Golden Retriever had bit this child it would be old news and NO ONE in the Media would care and NO one around the World would have even heard about it.
Do some reading Katie other than Newspaper stories which have created the hysteria about these wonderful dogs.

Fed up with people like Charlotte`s Mommy & Katie

THIS is a responsible CARING PARENT!

[quote] Tragedy and Triumph
No one wants to see dangerous dog attacks stop more than me. I witnessed first hand the damage an attack can do when my 7 year old son Ryan was attack and almost killed in 2001. I will never forget seeing my son Ryan lying in a hospital bed just following reconstructive surgery. Naturally, my first reaction was one of anger, I wanted to ban all large dogs. I was devastated, I was angry, I wanted someone to blame. I blamed the dog and I blamed his breed until I decided to educate myself about the issue of dog attacks. I did a ton of research on dangerous dogs, I followed every dog attack story I could get my hands on. I needed to know why they happened, I wanted to play a part in making sure Ryan's story wouldn't be repeated.

So how do we stop these senseless attacks? Two ways; education, education, education and by passing legislation that holds the most dangerous party responsible, the irresponsible dog owner. The Ryan Armstrong law has zero tolerance for irresponsible and dangerous dog owners. It is not breed specific, in fact it prohibits breed banning. I felt it was not fair to the responsible dog owners and the dogs they love, I didn't want there to be another group of innocent victims. [/quote]

He did something constructive NOT destructive like Wendy Blevins,Colleen Lynn and others who blame millions of dogs who have done nothing wrong and destroy the lives of their owners!

Those millions of innocent dogs have millions of caring owners and more and more each day are getting fed up with this nonsense.
So don`t you DARE tell me(I`ll just speak for myself here) that I don`t care about dog bite victims.
The difference between me and "Mommy Dearest" is that I care about ALL dog bite victims and I KNOW THE FACTS Katie!!!
So don`t try your BS with me because I belong to the FED UP Responsible dog owners.



Here's where the complete disconnect is. There is no reason Omaha should have to "try" anything. We have thousands of cities around this great country -- and they've passed a good number of dog ordinances. Some have been disasters, some have been quite successful.There is no reason to "try" something (although every now and again someone comes up with something "new"). Why not just take the succssful ordinances from other places that have had success in providing better public safety? That's actually what NHS tried to do...unforunately, a whole lot of other junk got added to this plan that will undermine the whole thing.

Wendy, maybe you didn't call yourself an expert, but you certainly went around touting some very specific suggestions like you knew exactly what you were talking about. You did your best to let everyone think you were an expert in it, and ended up with some very bad recommendations because of it.

Katie -- nice intro by calling everyone dumb -- especially given that you don't know anyone here. That shows real maturity thanks.


My friend was disfigured for life, despite plastic surgery paid for by the owner, by a Cocker Spaniel who tore into her face while she was playing fetch with the dog at age 12. Not being a dog person, she doesn't know what set the dog off but at age 56 she still has the scars.

Did she go on a vendetta, believing that a shape of an animal that is genetically identical across shapes was somehow different?

Did she push to erode civil rights by legislating owners of perceived 'breeds' (LOL) of dogs into second-class status?

Did she view her incident subjectively, fail to consider the variables involved, fail to recognize that things happen and that there was no reason to cast blame?


When did we start listening to the advice of low-information people?

I repeat my earlier question: If these ridiculous, groundless, counter-productive and proven both costly and ineffective measures are so great, why wouldn't they be applied to ALL dogs across the board?

Since the vast majority of bites, attacks and the very rare fatal maulings involve mixed breed dogs of all shapes and sizes, why are we targeting a minority of dog owners who DON'T APPEAR TO BE CAUSING THE MAJORITY OF PROBLEMS?

Rather than follow the path to ignorance and discrimination, if Omaha wants to 'try' something, how about enforcing existing bylaws on a zero-tolerance basis AND directing licensing and fine revenue into the animal control budget rather than general revenue?

I'm sick of all this bulls**t about my friends the dogs - who are by far the safest animals on the planet. They are safer than humans (duh), cows, horses, deer, mosquitos and many other species.

Let's educate the ignorant, treat the responsible with respect, solicit the opinions of the knowledgeable and clamp down on those dog owners who ignore local bylaws and show no respect for their communities or their pets.

How's that for something to try?

The bloody inmates are running the asylum and I've had way more than enough of it.

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