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September 26, 2008



Kick A, kick A, kick A! Attorney Bardawil sounds aggressive (finally!) and sounds like this county has now been put on the defensive, rather than vice versa, as it SHOULD be. I'm looking for a WIN and a great precedent to support more repeals!

selwyn marock

In answer to your question "Why a county would fight to keep this EVIL and HEINOUS LAW" Most counties are failing on real issues Crime etc. Dade County where I have had personal experience with their animal-control and a Genocidal Maniac by the name
of Sean Galagher will fight vigously to keep the right to Murder innocent animals.
I have family in that county and I have told them I will never set foot there as long as this neo-Nazism exists.

selwyn marock

B best of luck,lets hope you get support from the people of Dade and the Judge cannot not be bought as happened in Aurora and Ontario.

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