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September 10, 2008



Good comments and really an issue that should be addressed to any jurisdiction promoting BSL. Human nature does not want to look at itself as being a primary cause of problems. It is so much easier to place the blame on it dogs (in particular the "pitbull") or illegals or some other ethnic group. When reviewing dog bite incidents almost invariably some type of human action (or inaction) plays a key factor. Breaking up a dog fight (almost any breed), playing with a dog, arguments with the dog's owner, running, bicycling by a dog's "house". Stepping on a dog, or sometimes it is just an accident. Bites from dogs at large are minor in number.
Yet....simple things can be done to minimize the education and enforcement of a leash law. As in the earlier post about about underfunding of animal shelters, this can be particularly true in rural areas. Community support to help shelters and demand from council people funding and programs appropriate for the community would go a long way.
As bully dog owners, it would behoove us to be more proactive to direct attention away from the breed or any breed and redirect the focus on the true problem....human behavior.

Communities need to stop trying to ban dogs and honestly address the problems.


I agree with you. The breed of the dog was not the problem here. What if they'd been golden retrievers? Any kind of dog could've attacked in this situation.


Brent, you have touched my sore spot w/ BSL. It is the bottom line. We are blaming a breed of dog for a multitude of human failures, human social issues, and human sins. And we are doing it with hatred, bigotry and the desire to kill dogs in the name of the law -- in defense of all of our failures. We need to label this for what it is. The complete
stories need to be published, as you have, pointing out all the human failures that led to this tragedy. Anything less is a travesty.

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