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September 19, 2008


I wonder

Sad and tragic.

I often wonder if the family members of the other victims (babies/toddlers//adults) question why the Media,certain websites and Forum Posters(most) seem to feel that their loss,their grief is somehow not as bad as the victims of 'Pit Bulls' or alleged pit bulls?

Maybe they give that no thought but it makes me wonder if they wonder.

Many times there are no comments allowed on these other attacks or you will see a few comments expressing condolences or you will see comments(when it`s a mix that doesn`t look like a 'pit' that perhaps it was part 'pit' in spite of the appearance.

I`m sure when the grief is new and raw they`re not looking at posts but later...

That`s another reason this focus on appearance is so sad.
What about the other families?
Doesn`t their loss and grief matter as much?

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