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September 15, 2008



There`s a good article on Jim Crosby that references this dogsbite site.
Thought I`d post in case you haven`t seen it.

Some great quotes

[quote]"Breed-specific legislation doesn't work," said Crosby. "It's legislating things. Legislating things doesn't work, you have to change human behavior."[/quote]

[quote]Crosby, hired as the director of Bay County Animal Control in February, is a national expert in this niche field.[/quote]

[quote]"If you want an alarm system, get an alarm system ... a dog is not a proper tool for that."[/quote]

Her reaction to Jim posting further details on an attack says it all

[quote]to explain a pit bull's actions during a fatal attack in Deltona, the site owner, Colleen Lynn, responded by posting his picture under the headline "Professional Whitewasher."[/quote]

How is that reaction constructive?

I`m glad to hear that the bereaved family sees the benefit to further investigation.

Preventing further tragedies should be the goal,not being right.

Very informative blog. seems to love making up "facts" and blogging about them. I am glad that the people on our side of the BSL fight always cite REAL FACTS with actual proof behind them.

It's a wonder that the propaganda machine that Colleen is peddling actually works ever. But, lead an idiot to a law and most of the time they will vote yes if you make it sound good enough.

Karen Batchelor

"I don't believe it could be a c/a lawsuit but I think crosby+acf might have one on her for publishing what she put out in July. as that implies he doesn't know what he is doing,or that his work is BS. Make sure to all read it so you can be used as 3rd party witnesses."

In the space of 52 minutes Ms Lynn has removed the article - that tells me that there is every chance a lawsuit against her would succeed. skennedy et al, I hope you copied it before it vanished!


Not sure if you have seen this but it`s making the rounds in Facebook groups.
Thought it would be of interest here.
One post I saw said it had been received via an email.

[quote] dogsbite(dot)org is a dog bite victims organization that works to pass what they call "common sense laws". Their interpretation of common sense laws is to ban breeds of dogs. Despite the fact that many respected organizations such as the ASPCA and Best Friends have proven that breed bans don't work and that responsible ownership legislation is far more effective. Their website contains a good deal of sensationalist "statistics", and horror stories of how Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Chow Chows and Wolf dogs viciously attack and maul children and adults alike. The majority of their statistics come from a publication called Animal People News. A publication that seems to also show considerable breed bias. Dogsbite(dot)org is actively seeking nonprofit status. However, they publicize themselves as a group that tries to "create laws". This would actually make them a Lobbyist group and therefore disqualify them for non profit status.

Those of us who have the insight and wisdom to know that there is so much more than just breed that determines whether or not a dog will bite, those of us that are responsible bully breed owners, those of us believe that only the guilty should be punished need to let the IRS know that dogsbite(dot)org should be denied tax exempt status. We as responsible adults are aware that any untrained, neglected dog of any breed can be a threat to people and animals. And we as responsible adults need to stand up against groups that want to recklessly wipe out entire breeds of dog because of the actions of the irresponsible few.

We are asking you to write to the IRS and ask them to deny dogsbite(dot)org tax exempt status. due to the fact that they are not a charitable organization but legislative lobbyists, who promote propaganda and use sensationalist scare tactics.

Please remember that the IRS is only concerned with the tax aspect of this issue and are in no way concerned with dog laws. So save those letters for your local legislators (whom we are sure you are writing thoughtful well worded pleas to often).

Send you letters to,

Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 12192
Covington, KY 41012-0192

It has come to my attention that an organization (dogsbite(dot)org) is
seeking tax exempt status.

"DogsBite(dot)org is a national dog bite victims group dedicated to
reducing serious dog attacks by creating common sense laws. We are a
volunteer organization currently seeking nonprofit status."

Dogsbite(dot)org states its primary purpose is to "create" laws, i.e.,
lobbying. Due to the fact that this organization primarily exists to
lobby legislators, I respectfully request that the IRS deny this
organization tax exempt status.[/quote]


Thank you so much for taking the time to write this and inform people of the TRUTH. What a shame. If you look at this woman's Facebook page, you see pictures of a so-called "animal lover." This woman also supports horse racing which is an extremely cruel and inhumane sport to animals altogether. So sad.

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