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September 29, 2008


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Garrett Elwood

Actually Winograd is not as close to this situation as he leads his readers to believe. While the information has been invaluable in our efforts in the No-Kill Movement in Philadelphia, his tactics are anything but helpful. There is information on his blog that is incorrect and the timing of what he writes has been a hindrance to those of us working in Philadelphia to save the animals, hands on. We, the Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia must be looked to as the leaders in this movement on a local level, but Nathan refuses to coordinate his efforts with us, insisting instead on blogging, writing things that are not true and may, in fact not happen. He lives in California and relies on gossip and heresy as a basis of all his opinions. Despite some very long email exchanges, Mr. Winograd refuses to coordinate efforts for a common cause.

Mr. Winograd is a national leader on this issue and he should help the movement by coordinate his efforts with the local groups on the ground who are not only "close to the issue", but front and center inside the issue.

Unfortunately, the old adage "too many cooks in the kitchen" applies here all too well. We all need to try harder to work together. The animals deserve it.

Please visit

Garrett Elwood

”Best Friends fully supports the goals of 'Citizens for a No-kill Philadelphia'. Pet Overpopulation remains a national tragedy, but communities across the country are making significant gains to save lives.

Philadelphia is a city in financial crisis. The Mayor's decision to rebid the animal control contract at reduced expense was probably just one step in a series of budget cuts to come across city services. But Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association was already severely underfunded, even before these budget cuts. So, now more than ever, animal advocates need to put aside differences, pool resources and work together for the homeless animals in Philadelphia.”

Paul Berry, CEO
Best Friends Animal Society

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