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September 26, 2008


Staci S

Great post!

I don't watch much TV and the TV that I do watch are taped shows on TIVO so we blow right through commercials. So I have not even heard of this movie.

I agree with you that movie critics are basically their own breed. But is it really necessary to be that critical... I thought he went a little overboard.

My question is, how sad is the movie? As a dog lover I can't bare to see the cruelty that goes on. My heart just can't take it. And where euthanasia is concerned, that should never be taken lightly.



Bring a couple of tissues -- there are some tearful moments in the movie (both dealing with humans and animals). While as an animal lover there may be a couple of scenes that make you want to come out of your skin...but I think you'll be happy with where it nets out in the end. (I note, there are no visual signs of cruelty ever in this movie, so visually you won't be stunned by anything).

Me too

I have not seen this movie yet, but the just the trailers make me cry because I know what it is about. I hope it at least makes people think.

Critic, Schmitics, who cares. There is so much shallow trash on TV and at the movies, and there is literal garbage that gets good reviews. It's a shame that we can't get excited about a refreshing, worthwhile change w/o the 'critics' feeling the need to put it down.

btw, my daughter has seen the preview to 'Marley and Me' and she loved it. She laughed, she cried, she laughed til she cried and cried some more. She said it is ALL big dogs. Hopefully stuff like this will help us move forward in spite of the nonsense coming out of AR. This comes out in December.

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