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September 05, 2008


Rhiannon Embree

Thanks so much to the person who has been covering and posting our story on this website for everyone to see.We tried very hard to get this repealed because we loved this house so much but i guess it just wasn't meant to be. We will find the house for us, but it's sad that the people of Buckner are so ignorant and closed minded and believe everything they see on the news. They are trulty missing out on a wonderful family with good intentions to make that town better. Oh well, thier loss!


Rhiannon, I'm sorry it didn't work out. It's all so completely stupid. I'm more than happy to point out the stupidity of this situation on this blog. Well, by more than happy, I mean, since it happened, I wanted to put it on the blog...but I'd been happier if it were never an issue.


Oh Rhiannon, I'm so, so, so very sorry. It seems irrational fear once again takes precedence over logic. I hope you find the right place for you and your family...somewhere that doesn't discriminate against you and your dogs.


What's with these people? I'll bet I know where he did his 'research' - that stupid website, Meritless Clifton's BS and the oft-quoted but rarely read CDC stuff so assiduously misinterpreted by our dear friends in the mainstream media.

Research = first five Google hits

If this is how they look into issues affecting their town, it means most of their bylaws are based on fiction, since there's no reason to believe that dogs are special.

Oh well, it's Buckner's loss.


Well, this is one sad, pathetic, stupid, irrational state of affairs, isn't it? We are very sorry, Rhiannon. I hope you can please take some kind of comfort that your story so clearly demonstrats the truth about BSL -- how it has nothing to do w/ public safety or dangerous dogs. It has to do pompous, ignorant public officials who are more interested in their stupid power over their citizens than in their well being, or a higher quality, forward moving community. I hope that more medias pick up your story. Even tho we know many more, most recently, yours and Forrest's alone tell us all about the TRUE ramifications of BSL.

In my heart, I know there is a better home for you, in a better place. Still, we are sorry for all the heartache because of this one.

pork chop

As a Realtor I know how difficult this is.. I would be complaining to my city and talking to a lawyer about blocking my right to do business and making a livelihood.. As the seller I would be also talking to a layer about suing the city for lack of cause and blocking the sale of my property for no known reason. As the buyer I would join in the suit on the basis of bigotry and prejudice....maybe that would wake them up...

Rhiannon Embree

Thanks for the advice, we actually tried that and our lawyers told us there was nothing that we could do or cindy hansen could do legally, trust me that's one of the first things we thought of we tried absolutely every option possible to pursue this,the cards just weren't in our favor. Cindy will get that house sold it's a beautiful house no doubt and i wish we were living in it but we will find the right house for us where P.J. and Skippy will be welcome. It was definitely a drawn out and draining process for my husband and I, but were just happy we can move on now and we got closure.

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