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September 14, 2008



Sadly, Sioux City passed tonight.


Another city that won't get any of my tourism dollars.

Would contribute to this Lawsuit

Came across this article when searching Canadian Papers for News on their Court case.

"Legal dogfight unleashed over pit bull ban"

The whole article is available online.(At least for now.)

Would contribute to this Lawsuit

News from Toronto Ontario,Canada

"Court reserves decision on appeal of pit bull ban"


The Omaha council meeting today, by all news accounts, seemed to have opinions by both sides. Of course one of the most outspoken in support of a full ban was Council Bluffs Assistant District Attorny...quote from article "Every dog was bred for a specific purpose,” said Council Bluffs City Assistant Attorney Don Bauermeister. Council Bluffs already has a pit bull ban in place. “That purpose for a pit bull is a felony in all 50 states, that was the purpose of the pit bull, that's what they do," said Bauermeister. "You cannot trust a pit bull not to fight."


"You cannot trust a pit bull not to fight." -- brought to you by almost every pit bull site out there.

Maybe this should be the message

Saw this on AFF and maybe this is what should be posted on every pit bull site out there

[quote]Individual dogs of all breeds, as they mature, may exhibit aggression towards other dogs. Adult dog behavior is a combination of nature and nurture and is influenced by the dog’s genetics, socialization, training and management.[/quote]

because I do think a lot of people don`t get it.
That`s why pets are getting hurt.
I NEVER assume that my dog will love EVERY dog.
(But my dog won`t be in the Headlines around the World if he injures/kills a dog/cat that he encounters.)

I see each dog as an individual and I don`t assume that because my dog has loved the last 999 that he will love #1000 and I also don`t believe people that tell me their dog loves EVERY dog because mine could be the one that their dog doesn`t love.
Slow and proper intros is my mantra.

That message does have to be hammered home to Pit people because of the damage done to ALL these great dogs when 1 makes the headlines.
Not fair but...



I completely agree with you. Ironically I think in many ways the "pit bull" rescue community has fostered many of the perceptions that older 'pit bulls' are likely to become more aggressive. The reality seems to be that a) not all bullies have this trait and b) a good number of adult dogs share a dislike for other dogs later in life -- particularly rude dogs.

Heck, if I were to point out the 3 or 4 most dog-agro dogs in my neighborhood, none of them would be bullies -- a couple of bad-tempered mutts, some Akita/Chow/something looking mix, a couple of OOC Corgis, a Wheaton Terrier. Yes, all dogs are individuals...I don't quite understand why that concept is so difficult for everyone to get...


Does anyone have the contacts/emails for these Omaha folks so I can write them?

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