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September 24, 2008



They neglect to mention the Breed in the story???
And of course no comments allowed where someone could mention the Breed.


What a horrible horrible tragedy! Add to it that THIS dog was granted the courtesy of being labeled 'a dog'. It is ruled an 'accident' and clarified that this was NOT an 'attack'. So if a pitbull yanks on a shoelace, it is an attack. But if a husky kills an infant, it is an accident and the dog's behavior is justified.

Dan Storie

There is a site at Doctors and hospitals might do us a big favor by just including their tip sheet on how to bring a baby home with a dog in the house. This is a tragedy, and largely avoidable. If it could help just a few to understand there are things you can do to intro the kid to the house, and you never, ever, leave the kids and dogs alone, we could prevent a lot.

And the press about the pit bull vs other breeds is ridiculous. Bradley's book talks about how such info bypasses our centers of reason and goes directly to the centers of our brain that cause us to act without thinking. Thanks for being a voice of reason - this kind of advocacy is the only hope our communities, and these dogs, have.


This is such a tragedy. It makes me wonder if they dogs in these cases and the children were ever properly introduced?
I have 2 little kids, ages 3 and 9 months, and 3 dogs, a Jack Russell, a Pit Mix, and a Doberman (a puppy never the less) and never had any problems with any of them. So when I hear of dogs attacking babies new to the family, it makes me question how the owners handled the transition. IF they handled it at all.


That is terrible.

I heard about the Vegas pitbull attacks on the news ... never heard about the husky attack until your blog.


Your story account in inaccurate.

The father left the child in the infant carrier and the dog mistook it for a stuffed animal. The baby had just come home and the dog was not familiar with it.


[quote]the dog mistook it for a stuffed animal.[/quote]

How come 'pit bull' dogs are never allowed to mistake anything for a stuffed animal?

I think you`ve missed the point of the post.

The point is...
Don`t leave young children alone with dogs and the Breed/type is irrelevant!

Your post just confirmed the bias towards 'pit bulls'
Excuses are made for dogs and their owners.
No excuses for those 'pit bull' dogs and their owners.

BTW 'pit bulls' ARE dogs...just dogs.

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