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August 27, 2008



When you think about it, with all the towns across the country, small and large implementing BSL to solve a so-called "problem", we can not travel freely. Any dog that remotely resembles a "pitbull" is subject to this idiocy, meaning the lab mix, the ACD mix, maybe that boxer, any dog. When will people wake up and realize their family pet can and will be taken away and killed because of what people "perceive" rather than on what is actually occurring.


TEH, I could rant for days about your comment.

I get so infuriated when all of these cities say they don't want to hear from "outsiders" when they talk about this type of law. Yet, they wouldn't hesitate to enforce it on me if I were traveling across country with my dogs and let them out in the wrong place for a potty break. My wife and I have transported dogs to several places to go to new homes -- and I specifically checked several stops along the way to be sure the dogs would be safe if we let them out for a bathroom break in these locations. So these laws DO affect me, whether I live in the city or not.

Meanwhile, I have no idea why the government overall hasn't done more to stop these types of laws because they really do disrupt interstate commerce....

All because the dog looks to a varying degree like something. I've always joked that I've met a lot of dogs in my lifetime. I've met a lot of dogs that I look at and am not sure whether or not it is a "pit bull". But I've never once met a dog that I was uncertain whether or not it was aggressive...


Somebody needs to start suing these jerkwater towns. Let's hope we get a few prominent smackdowns to use as precedents, and soon.

Don't you guys have a right to mobility, among other things?


Why would you want to live in Buckner anyway?

rhiannon embree

we just love this house

rhiannon embree

Thanks so much whover posted our story on this website. Tonight is the big night for us and we appreciate all the support we have gotten from everyone and hope many can make it to the meeting tonight. Wish us luck and ill let you all know how it goes. Thanks again!
Casey and Rhiannon Embree

rhiannon embree

Well unfortunately we did not get the majority of the vote last night, but i'm sure we changed some minds and educated some people on this breed. I said this once and I'll say it again... it's a good thing buckner doesn't ban stupid people cause those alderman that voted against us would be banned for sure!


I know it has been years since this was posted, but just so you know. Our daughter was bit by dogs that looked like pit bulls, and the city made them have DNA testing to prove they were not pit bull terriers! goes to prove that any dog can be a threat. These people that own the non pit bull dogs, were not supposed to have any puppies from these dogs they had...per city order...well shows how much they kept an eye out on this family...they have puppies. And did they take the dogs? NO! why? because my daughter who was scared and running could not identify which one of the two dogs it was! this no pit bull ordinance is crap! NOT all pits are depends on the owners treatment of the dogs...any DOG. buckner is so corrupt!

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