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August 09, 2008



I am so angry about the Ajax, ON dog bite incident I could spit and wrote a short post on my blog.

This incident shows everything that is wrong about the Ontario Liberals' unfounded, unjust, vague and shoddy breed-specific amendments to the Dog Owners' Liability Act; how it's being piecemeal enforced, how people with a certain shape of dog have been legislated into second-class citizenship, how breed-specific law does nothing for public safety because the irresponsible owners of biting dogs that haven't been demonized get off free and clear far too often.

The dimbulb Ontario Liberals have a lot to answer for.



"The headline? "Something must be done about pit bulls, and soon". Eh?"

OK, I had to check the story because that's how it starts, EH? It's all fun and games at first but pretty soon you're doing it automatically. Next thing you know you're downing shots of maple syrup, eating back bacon and butter tarts while playing croquenole.

The coneheads in Surrey, BC are pushing for a ban. It's deja vu with what happened in Ontario. It started with one bite, then the media got into it - now it's all 'pit bulls', all of the time. Polls, the whole deal. I've warned the people out there, hope they're listening.

It's easier to nip this in the bud than take them to court afterwards.

But you knew that, EH?


I can't get the link to the story about the Mayor's dogs being shot, but there's been a lot of talk about this story. My kids tell me these were the Feds and that one dog was shot while trying to run away. This free for all, cowboy, shoot em up stuff is getting very scary.

Also wondering if the woman who was bit while yelling at her kid had perhaps ever been violent or abusive to her child and perhaps this was why the dog was trying to protect the child? The mother's reaction to the dog was quite violent, maybe she is someone children need protection from?

Same old media crap, it's become pathetic. Same old BSL ban crap -- totally irrational, as always, if not moreso.

Really great round up, Brent, busy as you've been. Thanks for keeping us all informed, and I believe all these documentations will be very valuable one day.

I've gotta add that my dog who resembles a 'pit bull type dog' is getting more compliments and admirers at the dog park each day, even when she is misbehaving. So, quite possibly, not everyone's minds have 'gone to the dogs'........


I neglected to add that this roundup includes dozens more murders and mistreatment of dogs by humans than vice versa. When will we get it??


"The woman apparently became angry and raised her voice at her daughter after she dropped a cup and spilled. The dog apparently tried to protect the child and bit the mother, who then stabbed the dog and beat it with a pipe."

Ok, forget animal control-- where's DSS? The woman beat and stabbed a dog to death in front of her child? After already making the dog fear for the child's safety? I hope that poor kid has a guardian angel.

On the story of the mayor whose dog's were shot... here is a link,0,4563211.story

I feel a deep pain for the mother in law who had to lay next to the dead dogs. In these times of home invasion I wonder if she really believed the masked men shooting her family members (yes, I consider dogs family members) were police.

KC KS Kills Dogs

Thanks for all the updates around the country. Lots of trigger happy cops and mean, mean people. How sad.

On another note - I have noticed a local big box store in Kansas city Kansas has a prominent display of Rachael Ray's new dog food in center aisle. How ironic, Isaboo is featured on Rachael's packages - right in the heart of one of the most "pit bull hating" towns in the USA.

Do ya' think KCK AC will notice and show up to confiscate the offending food?

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