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August 31, 2008



Thanks for your ongoing efforts to publicize the health and safety threats that dogs are. Often, people talk about 'irresponsible' dog owners, but the fact is that most humans simply cannot be trusted with a dog. Moreover, dogs are animals and cannot be trusted in public places (not all dogs, buyt enough that policy must be made to minimize dog ownership and significant punishment must be made for their owners).

thanks again


Actually David, I hope people take away quite the opposite. The reality is that there are 75 million dogs that live in this country. The other reality is that the vast majority of them will never been a problem and will live quietly as loyal companions. The best number out there says that about 350,000 bites each year require medical attention - -and of those, the VAST majority are minor. That means that less than a 1/2 of a percent of all dogs are involved in some type of bite at all -- and of those, about 80% are just minor. So statistically your comment couldn't be more false. Most people ARE able to be trusted with dogs.

There have also been several studies that have even indicated that owning a pet can prolong life by bringing down blood pressure, stress and other things that lead to health problems. I think dog ownership is a fabulous thing...and most people are perfectly capable of owning a dog. However, there are always some people who will cause a problems. Like most things, we shouldn't let the actions of a few dictate bad policies that have negative consequences on the many.


Dogs are not health and public safety threats PEOPLE ARE. David, are you willing to give up your car? Because cars kill almost 50 THOUSAND people a year...scratch that, BAD DRIVERS use their cars to kill 50 THOUSAND people a year?

Does make you think...after all the critisism given to certain pit bull sites for their inflamatory language maybe highlighting these incidents is just feeding the machine. Once again, the millions of responsible pet owners aren't making the news.


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