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August 25, 2008



You know what really irritates me (besides the whole thing)?

The way they refer to the killing of a young, healthy, pet because they don't like his looks 'euthanizing' him. They even use it in the poll.

The correct term is killed or put to death.

I'm so sick of the misuse of that word I could spit.


'Euthansia' outrages me also, Caveat. I think that we need to call everyone who incorrectly uses this word on it. Because it is a big, fat LIE.

Our right to bear arms is intended to protect the citizenry from the government. The way things are going, we just may have to find a way to utilize it.


Just saw it on
Forrest has been saved!!! HOOORAAAAYYY!!!
But like they said, there are still many innocent dogs in that hellhole that will die until the law is repealed.
I also am disgusted by calling it "euthanasia" when the animal isn't suffering in any way. I ALSO have resolved to quit calling these killing fields "shelters" - we used to call them dog pounds, and that's what they are. Only the ones who really find homes for the pets are "shelters".

PAMM - People Against Mass Murders

I ALSO have resolved to quit calling these killing fields "shelters" - Amen Barb!

Becky, I find the staunch gun control advocates delusional. While certain restrictions are certainly needed the people who want to completely ban guns must have their heads firmly lodged in the asses. The Holocust was only 60 years ago and ethnic cleansing goes on to this day around the world - our dogs aside we're talking people here! You think our govt wouldn't do this to us? Every day we hear about police officers kicking down doors of innocent people - remember the grandma that got shot? Our govt has held thousands in Gitmo for 6+ YEARS without a trial! Our own "president" has decided the Constitution doesn't apply to him.

I'm glad Forrest made it but I bet there are 100 stories of death for every one that makes it out...if not a thousand.


PAMM - People Against Mass Murders

So, you don't get any freedoms in Denver anymore - um, isn't the right to protest in the Constitution too? The police can just "say" they have a tip and issue a beat down.


See update on Forrest situation...


So sending the dog to a sanctuary is the answer? I agree with the editorial in that Denver needs to realize there is a better way.


Just wanted to share this (extremly long, but skimable) email I received from Paula ROVERlution Terifaj regarding Forrest. It's all pretty important and Sonya Dias' story is included. Pasted below (minus photos and graphics) Mentally shot and dead, I found inspiration in this story and hope that others might also. It needs to be told and spread everywhere!

I know Paula personally and vouch for her compassion, dedication, outrage at the serious threats of loving owners losing their dogs, THRU MURDER. The email:

Dog rebels from all over the country told Denver it was wrong. Dead wrong! You made phone calls, wrote letters, and sent tons of email. It was a roar too loud to ignore. Out came the newspaper reporters followed up by the protest rally on Sunday. Then came Monday morning as dog rebels fired up to hit Denver with another round of outrage--when the call came.

Doug Kelley, Director of Animal Control, announced that Forrest will be released to a rescue organization outside of Colorado on Friday.

One dog angel, Sonya Dias, came to the rescue of Chris McGahey and Forrest - she knows Denver. She knew how to help.

Who is Sonya Dias?

Sonya is a past resident of Denver who was living the good life with her pit bull mix Griffie until she learned that her city wanted to kill her dog! She founded a small group named the Pit Bull BAND (Breed Awareness Not Discrimination) in a desperate attempt to stop her city from enacting their proposed breed ban on all Pit Bulls and any dog having the physical characterizes of a Pit Bull - aka mutts!

When the group's wholehearted attempts to reason with the city council failed - all hell broke loose in May 2005. Animal control officers received their marching orders to round up innocent family dogs and put them to death. Dog owners were forced to surrender their dogs or face fines and the threat of jail time.

Sonya hid her beloved Griffie for 6 months - never letting him outside during the day - taking him out only at night and before dawn to relieve himself until she could get her house sold and the hell out of Denver. She and Griffie fled to a nearby city and rented an apartment where they live today. Forced to choose between her Victorian dream home or her dog, she knows she made the difficult right choice.

Sonya is remarkably strong and incredibly determined. Working with very little capital, she and other members of her group hired an attorney to represent them and other dog owners suffering from Denver's legislative abuse of power. Doing most of the leg work herself (tons of research and piles of paper work) to save on legal fees, she is truly a force to be reckoned with and quite a modest heroine.

Important side note: It was recently announced that the American Kennel Club (AKC) has joined the class action lawsuit that has been filed against the city of Denver. Please send a love note to the AKC! They stepped up to the plate BIG time. They know the stakes are high. They know Denver must be defeated to stop copycat cities from becoming another Denver killing field.

Amongst a hectic and demanding schedule, Sonya steals moments of time to write her biography. She tells her shocking story to warn dog owners everywhere - she wants her nightmare with Denver to wake up sleepy dog owners around the globe.

It's been almost 4 years since Sonya woke up a sleepy veterinarian some 800 miles away in California. On the spot, I pledged my full fighting support to stop Denver and other breed ignorant cities from attacking dog owners with a Gestapo regime called canine breed elimination. On that panicked day when Sonya and I spoke on the phone, I heard the terror in her shaky voice. The unbelievable was really happening! I became an automatic recruit (no draft necessary!) in an army of fighting soldiers that would later be known as

The Words of Sonya Dias: Honestly, Forrest would have been killed weeks ago if not for the army of people (YOU!!!) who have stepped up to make their voices heard regarding this particular dog and this bad and discriminatory law. It just shows, again, the power of sane people joining together to fight this insanity.

A lot of people don't know exactly how this law and Denver's procedure work as I've seen from some of the questions you've asked me and at some point soon, I'll write it up for you so you can understand it better and truly see the insanity of it. The City may possibly soon announce a change in their procedure that will allow more dogs in Forrest's position to live. If that happens, that is because of YOU!

Once again, Forrest has you to thank for his life, but please, let us not forget that there are more dogs right now in the shelter that are going to die because the city has called them "Pit Bulls." We saved one, but there are so many more dogs behind Forrest. The whole law needs to change.

The city has killed over 1700 dogs as part of the Pit Bull ban. If you could keep up your calls and letters, that would be great and eventually effective in changing more than Forrest's fate. One thing I caution you though is this; however sorely we may be tempted to do so, if you or anyone sends out a letter to a legislator that is disrespectful and just basically kind of nasty, that will be counterproductive to us all. Let's please represent our views and our dogs in the best possible light.

I thank you again for all of your support and especially to Paula and the Rovers at who took this and ran with it, to put it mildly. You have truly helped this dog and I bet we'll continue to see the positive ramifications of your actions for time to come. Bless you!

My (Paula's) Message to Denver:

So, Forrest needs a new home?? The only home Forrest needs is one that is far, far away from the Denver Dictators! How ridiculous that Denver pretends to care about the welfare of Forrest. When they found it too difficult to just kill the dog - thanks to Rovers and other organizations who hounded Denver nonstop for days - they decided to stick it to Chris big time. They could have sent Forrest to a rescue in Colorado in the hopes that once Chris moved out of the Denver area, he would one day be able to be re-united with his beloved dog.

Thanks Denver for treating Chris like an abusive dog owner who needs to be punished-as if the punishment you already dished out was not enough. So, think you have washed your dirty hands of Chris and Forrest. Better think again!

Thanks Rovers!
I was copied on more letters than I could read in the last few days-but I am going to read them all. Why? Because you inspire me! I know that I am not one, but many. I know that breed discrimination is wrong. I know breed bans insult my intelligence. I know that irrational fear threatens a free society. I know our rights under the Constitution as Americans are in great jeopardy.

Rovers on Dog Duty

Since the story of Chris and Forrest broke, the record number of complaints lodged against Denver's dictator-like policy (which pit bull look-alike dog to kill next) - ROVERlution is getting emails from all over country with similar stories. The outrage is building as it must. Keep spreading the word every day. People must know what is going on and many still have no clue!

ROVERlution is in high gear and working on our next strategy--
Stand by!

Paula Terifaj,

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