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August 15, 2008



Great points Brent. I think its defintely good that for the majority they went towards a non-breed specific ordinance, but they definitely need to rework some areas for easier enforcement and to reward responsible ownership. I also thought the redundancy of leashing a pit bull was laughable. I'm not sure if you saw this updated article at the World-Herald, but the president of the NEHS and one of the city councilman both are quoted with skepticism towards the muzzling requirement.

Sue Cosby


Prior to my career in animal shelters, I worked for a wonderful dog training school with an impeccable reputation. In order for the owners to interact safely with both hands, and to discourage confusing leash corrections, the dogs were "tethered" to a wall by the owner's side in the training center for the duration of the class which was ... much longer than 15 minutes.

When I bring my Siberian Husky with me to a friend's house for the evening and we spend the night on lounge chairs in the (not fenced in) back yard at a bbq, you can be certain ... she will be tethered for the entire evening! Well fed but... tethered for her safety. If she wasn't she would be longgg gone.

You are absolutely right that it's not the length of time but the purpose and regularity of the tethering. It's common sense and it sadly seems quite difficult to write laws that take common sense into consideration. That would be the conundrum.


Excellent post, Brent. You have addressed ALL the significant weaknesses and failures (and good points) of this proposition. It's important that we know all this and try passing it on, educating as many as possible, because this crap keeps popping up all over the place!


""Pit Bull" is defined as "American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentina, Presa Canario or Cane Corso, or any dog displaying the majority of physical traits of any one or more of the mentioned breeds."
Ugh I'm so sick and tired of hearing/reading that! That is such a broad and ignorant "classification", it annoys me to see that written into Legislation!
I totally agree with you on your points of concern! Especially the vicious dog part!! Makes no sense, in our state someone walking by is now permitted to shoot someone in the act of any crime. But my dogs can't protect their house, home, and family? Whatever!


'But my dogs can't protect their house, home, and family? Whatever!'

Chrissy, this concerns me also. I understand that humans are to strive to be good, strong leaders for our dogs, so that they are 'relieved' of this obligation.

Still, it is a dog's nature to protect his home and territory. It is believed to be one of the main reasons we formed a bond with dogs in the first place!

It is very disturbing that rather than target crime, violence, exploitation of animals, and some peoples' general disregard for the well being and safety of other humans and their own animals, our legislators would rather choose to go after our dogs, seeking to destroy their very nature, under threat of destroying them.

A lot of us would die, protecting our dogs. A lot of our dogs would die, protecting us (uh, don't know about mine.....) To me, this bond is to be cherished and protected, not destroyed because of a bunch of stupid yahoos who should not be permitted to own animals in the first place!

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