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August 11, 2008




**Please note** If you are not registered to vote do so now!! You cannot even sign petitions or EVEN help gather signatures if you are not a registered voter!


Really? We don't have that up here in Canada. We have a voter's list but you can sign petitions, etc, without being on it - although most people are anyway because you can just tick a box with your income tax return saying it's OK to put you on the voter's list.


It may differ by state but that's the way it is in Missouri and you have to be registered to vote in the US - so I advise everyone to 'just do it!'


Thank you KC!

Please folks if you are not registered to vote do so now! We will collecting in force throughout the city! Remember you need to re-register if moved since you last voted!
It's as simple as going to!

We need everyone's help to repeal this ridiculous and ambiguous law!

Residents are finally understanding what Council did! They didn't listen to the People (all except one, Mary Louise Madigan Our Heroine) and it's NOT just about Pit Bulls ...your dog could very well be next, and it's a decision made by visual inspection only! They decide for you if your dog looks enough like a Pit or not!

Burden of proof is on you? Weird twist in the law there isn't it?

So please Lakewood if you have not read the law yet, go here and read it for your self, note the verbage about "mixed" breeds, we are NOT making this up!

One resident added to the Pit Bull owner's list rescued her dog from a shelter and was told it was a lab/boxer mix, now has DNA proof it is NOT a Pit Bull? But yet a visual inspection from ACO told her different.

This sets a dangerous precedence olks! We have to fix this before more innocent dogs are taken away or given up to be put to sleep!

Your family pet could be next!

Please contact us ASAP!

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