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August 26, 2008



Brent... what an asset to the animal welfare community, I usually fire it up over breakfast. Your work on this blog is MUCH appreciated. Thanks for doing what you do.


Happy 2 year anniversary from New Jersey.


Congrats Brent!!
I am glad you are willing to do the reading of the dog bites and attacks because I tend to get too caught up emotionally in them. Your analyses helps to break it down and cut through crap. This task is daunting and much appreciated! Additionally - your op-ed type pieces are well researched and thought out. Thanks for having such an enjoyable, informative and changing blog!


Great blog, very informative.
You make it easy to read through the crap.
Great job.


Happy Birthday, KC!

I hope I was one of your early readers - you're still my first hit every day.

Ditto about the media - that's kind of why I started mine, too - to try to get more accurate info out and to have a voice, no matter how small, for the side of the issue that seemed to be shut out of the mainstream.

Congrats - and keep up the good work!

Now go have a beer and take the rest of the day off - that's an order.




I enjoy reading your posts, and the opportunity to put in my 2 cents.

I especially appreciate your weekly compilation and commentary of news about serious dog attacks

David Miller

Happy birthday to your dog and many many more!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday, Brent! and ditto every comment above! And please accept my gratitude for all of your hard work, and most especially for your compassion and caring! I absolutely count on your blog to stay on top of what's going on -- you've done such a great job getting everything all compiled for us. Your commentaries are always excellent and I feel like I'm getting smarter by the minute, thanks to you (and Michelle, of course!)


You're a must-read. Happy Blogiversary!

KC KS Kills Dogs

Happy Birthday Brent!! This blog is so informative, love all the data and facts.

Thank you so much for highlighting so many of the atrocities in Kansas City, Kansas, the "dog killing capital" of the USA.

KCK doesn't have the population of Denver,therefore they don't have the high profile nationally. But just the same KCK AC, their city legal department, their city prosecutor, their city vet, their city government, is evil in their pursuit of innocent dogowners and their beloved dogs.


2 years of fighting the good fight Brent. Thanks for giving us a forum.


Well done, Brent. I always enjoy checking out your week in review. Keep up the good work.

Sue Cosby

Happy BlogBirthday to a blog worth reading every day!

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