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August 05, 2008



Pet limits are counter-productive and completely pointless.

It's widely known that most dog owners who come under scrutiny own ONE dog - check the stats.

There are laws already in place to deal with noise, unsanitary practices, neglect, etc.

People should be able to have as many pets as they can care for properly. If they are not respecting their neighbours, not looking after their dogs or cats properly or being a nuisance in any way then that should be addressed.

There will be increased licensing revenue, more adoptions and more freedom for pet owners.

It's win-win-win.

Alex Grogan

My neighbor has 5 cats and they let them outside all the time. Now they are shitting in our yard and we are tired of it. We've told them about it and they don't care. Isn't there a law about outdoor cats?

Bob Mullikin

If you live in Independence you can contact Animal Control. We are lucky here in the fact that leash laws apply to cats as well.

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