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August 25, 2008


KC KS Kills Dogs

Since the budget cuts hit and the adoption center was closed in KCMO city shelter, the kill rate for cats has skyrocketed to 90% - 100%.

NMHP's has organized a group of fosters and set up offsite adoption events to assist with especially the kittens and mamma cats and their kittens, since these budget cuts. They are more than willing to help pull kittens and so are other independent rescuerers I know.

The efforts of NMHP's does not cost the city one single DIME!! KCMO citizens should be outraged!!


What can we do to change this? Can we get these people fired and have the kind of humane animal control that we want? I have dealt with KCMO Animal Control 3-4 times directly, and they are worthless. When my sister was looking for her lost pit mix, she went there twice before she was able to see the secret back room where they keep all the pit bulls; they insisted there were no more animals there even though we could hear them barking. And when my animal hospital dropped off a stray dog there (because they would not pick it up unless we let it run loose again, go figure), I found out too late, that the rescue group I got in contact with could not pick her up because KCMO AC charges a $55 fee even for rescue groups--I was told other shelters work with rescue groups and waive the adoption fee, she mentioned something called 'shelter to shelter', or something like that.
Who hires the workers, and who is in charge of what policies are made governing animal control? Most people I know would like to see a different system implemented.

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