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August 12, 2008



Meantime, can we please figure out a way to protect dogs from people like this?


Meantime, can we please figure out a way to protect dogs from people like this?

s kennedy

a lot of people could care less about the problem and want to be bigots and hate people, owners, the dogs, and good breeders. And it won't stop until enough of the public (even non pet owners) understand the real story behind the AR agenda. Only then will the people who have common sense see the light. I just read most of the HSUS amicus brief submitted (but rejected by court twice, and thus not allowed to be filed in court) in KY. It was HSUS that devised almost the entire Louisville KY ordinance. A lot of unconstitutional type items in there. Lots of reference to "intact" animals,their tracking, their containment,whereabouts,sale,and mandated chip,etc. Also blamed intact animals for causing most dog incidents, and claimed altering would stop it. ALSO because HSUS and BF now think they can easily make more $$, they are trying to make themselves the beneficiaries of forfeiture proceeds in dogfighting. That's why HSUS is offering $5,000 for conviction of dog fighter person. HSUS tried to get this law passed in both CA and TN (in CA usually drug seizure proceeds go to the state via forfeiture) Both states have rejected HSUS so far. But we can be sure that won't stop them. they will think of something else to fool people.


Right on, S. Kennedy.

I'm glad the cash-grab was thwarted - good news.

Is the amicus brief for Louisville available online? I was super impressed by the summary judgement motion on behalf of the kennel club - that was a great piece of lawyering.


Ban trucks. His first weapon of choice was a truck.

Brian Cluxton

That Police Chief gets it. And major props to the Mayor of Nebraska for understanding the problem as well.

A full pit bull ban was not the best option, Mayor Mike Fahey said, because bites would still occur. "Denver has a ban on these things and they still have bites by pit bulls. Council Bluffs has the same thing and they still have bites. I don't think they ever can get rid of these things," Fahey said.

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