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July 12, 2008



It baffles me why the groomer's bite made the news. That's such a non-news-event. It just goes with the job. Same with veterinary medicine. Drama drama drama.


I am the mother of the little boy that was attacked in Lebanon, MO. The story you told was completely incorrect to say the least. My son was at the neighbors being watched because she was a state daycare. The dog was not outside at the time I left. The grandma came over and didn't realize my son was still there and she let the dog out to use the bathroom. I loved how you made the story look as if the human was in the wrong. Get your story straight before you tell lies. I would appreciate it if you would take the story off your website unless you want a class action lawsuit. It wouldn't be hard considering I am a paralegal at a Law Firm.


Thanks Rhonda for the clarification. The story I pulled was from the media story of the event. Not sure why a state licensed daycare would have a dog that would bite a child or how a person would let said dog out without knowing that a child was present (at a daycare, I think you'd assume there was always a child present). Was there an adult out with your son at the time he was bitten? Or was he left alone in the back yard without supervision by the daycare?

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