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July 28, 2008



This has been a very tragic and sad 'rash' of fatalies and I have very deep sympathy for the families of these victims. I cannot even fathom the profoundness of their suffering thru these tragedies.

I would never mean to implicate grieving families in their losses (except for the most obvious) and would never intend to imply that no blame can be placed on the dogs.

However, I do want to mention that over the past few years, I have witnessed over and over the lack of supervision over small children. They are permitted to run up and down the halls in the building in which I work. They are permitted to run rampant in Walmart and in restaurants. They run wildly thru the off leash park, charging dogs, flailing their arms. They go into the lake, unsupervised.Many even poke sticks and throw rocks at dogs, and the parents are oblivious.

Our dogs are our family members and our companions. And yes, we have a responsibility to train and take charge of their behavior. But we must also take responsibility for our childrens' whereabouts and behavior. It is our duty to properly care for, protect and supervise our children but I am seeing drastic declines in parental supervision and I fear that tragedies like this will increase.

Children of these ages should never be left alone, unsupervised --- there are trillions of tragedies that can befall them, dog attacks being only one of them, as well as one of the least likely to occur. That is my 2 cents on all of this!


Becky, well said. In this case, there doesn't seem to be much doubt that lack of supervision was 100% of the problem here (although its the MSM so take with a grain of salt). Another report said the boy was 6 weeks old - is that old enough to even be in a swing? Let alone, unattended? Swings have are also been know to set off dogs play/prey with the motion and sqeaky noise they make. I can just see this dog thinking what fun game he was playing...

We had to leave Pizza 51 as a group of soccer moms thought it was perfectly acceptable to use their patio as a play ground. One of them even tried to hide behind our chair - we told her to get away. Another kid was squat down taking a dump in his pants in the corner! We left and complained but didn't seem to faze the mgr...


I think there is more to this story, I've read reports where the baby was 8 wks. old and the puppy 6 wks. old.
I find it hard to believe a 6 wk. old puppy had the strength to do this kind of damage.
Many human errors in this preventable tragedy.
And, at 8 wks. the baby should not have been in a swing.
Interested to read follow up.


This is morbid to say...and I'm no coroner. But I imagine a puppy with their sharp little teeth could cause some bleeding and the poor little baby could have bled to death - not because the injuries were so bad but just from the bleeding not being attended to.

The MSM likes to use the word "maul" which brings horrific images to mind. The baby was not necessarily mauled. The KC MSM still refers to Jimmie Mae McConnel being "mauled" to death even though the coroner stated NONE of the dog bites were fatal injuries - she died from a heart attack.

A 6 week old puppy is too young to be away from its mother and a child too young to be unattended. This is just like the Ferrat and Weenie dog incident. I hope they do a drug test on everyone in that house.

I realize that whether the kid or dog was 6 or 8 or hoever weeks old really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things BUT WHY CAN'T THEY GET THE LITTLEST OF DETAILS RIGHT!?!?!?

s kennedy

How the HELL does an infant get mauled, killed, taken out, etc by a pug or lab pup? The answer is very obvious and I surely hope all of America hears about this. Never leave any child alone w/any dog of any size.The mini dox in a different case bit off both of a baby's legs, and a JR Terr somehow killed someone, so did a Yorkie, and a Pom and I am sure there are more. I am glad they put it on TV and I am glad it was not a "dangerous" dog breed.


hmmmmm.... still..... regarding Jayne's comment, let us think about this and visualize this. Please correct me if I am too suspicious. And again, correct me if I am wrong, but I cannot imagine a puppy nipping or biting a tiny infant to death. Puppies are indeed quite rambunctious and they do have that need to chew. Still, I can't think of any reason a puppy would persist and 'maul', 'chew', or attack an infant to the point of killing the child.

True, no small children or infants should ever be left unattended w/ ANY dogs. Why this one was, we do not know. Then I heard there were 5 adults in the home. Tell me NOBODY heard this attack??

This all sounds very fishy and I cannot help but wonder that humans had more to do w/ this baby's death than did dogs.

Could adults have purposely or accidentally caused the death of this child and then blamed it on the dog?


I see your point that 6 weeks is very young - how could the puppy even jump up that high? Who knows...and who knows how old the dog really was - could have been 6 MONTHS for all we know. How many "200lb pit bulls" are out there? Um, none but that doesn't stop the media from reporting it.

The adults did cause the death of this child however it happened... They put it in a swing and left it there so they could go about their business.


So this incident happened in July. The puppy was immediately euthanized in order to "retrieve the remains of the baby" and confirm the cause of death.

It is now October and NO AUTOPSY report???? Hmmmm.



It's not uncommon for the results of autopsy results to never get into the media. The autopsy results usually take a month or two to process (I have no earthly clue why it taks so long), and by that time, it's old news unless something dramatic shows up (which is pretty rare).

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