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July 25, 2008



I think it will be difficult to make this clear. But one of the many reasons I choose to live w/ dogs is for a kind of protection -- mainly a deterrant. I think this is true for many people. I am a woman who lives alone. I am fortunate enough to live in a low crime area. Weather permitting, I like to leave my windows open at nite.

I don't believe I have a problem, because my dogs have loved every person they have ever met. However, they bark extremely aggressively out my bedroom window when there are animals and people in the area out back. They bark aggressively when someone is at the door. They do it when they know it is me and they do it when they know it is one of my kids, I don't know why. They act like maniacs even if they can see me standing just outside the door and I am knocking or ringing the doorbell. the knumbskulls! I am working on training them look to me, and not do this when I, as pack leader, have checked out the situation and communicated to them that the barking may now stop. (haven't succeeded yet, but still trying)

Still, as much as I rely on my dogs as deterrants -- their barks are quite impressive, I do have hopes that should a stranger attempt to enter my apt against my will that they may attempt to bite or attack. In every ordinance I have read so far, a dog is not defined as 'aggressive' or vicious if it bites a trespasser or intruder.

HUGE, repeat, HUGE difference between chaining up a 'guard dog', who is only on guard and trained to react viciously. I understand people wanting to have this, but it's not right for the dog and for innocents like uninformed little children.

Still, I would hate to see us lose the confidence and feelings of a little more safety because we have trained our dogs to be completely passive and socially acceptable. It is more appropriate to train them to follow your lead and instructions. And I believe this is entirely appropriate.

Still, I'm open to discussion on this one because I think it is about to become a pretty big issue. Right now, I sleep pretty well, knowing a wild black coyote and a pit bull ('type dog') are in bed with me.


Becky, part of the reason we got dogs was for protection as well - watchdogs. Watchdogs merely bark at strangers. We never scold our dogs for barking at people; we thank them and then ask them to be quiet (have you tried a water bottle to quiet them?). Basically we have 3 canine doorbells but Grommit is definately the best at the job. I'm a big fan of dogs having jobs so this is their job to earn their keep while I'm out doing mine.

Guarddogs on the other hand, are encouraged to be aggressive towards people. And chaining 24/7 is just plain cruel...Although I may be in the minority, I do have some sympathy for the guy living in such a bad area.

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