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July 04, 2008



"So sail away, it's Independence Day, Independence Day all around.."

Have a good one!

KC KS Kills Dogs

Ha! Ha! Independence day in Kansas City, KS land of the Free - not. Like one of my friends pointed out - fireworks are legal but pit bulls are not in this city.

There is a firework stand on practically every corner of this wretched city. The night of the 4th so many fireworks were exploding the whole city was enveloped in smoke. You can't even drive or walk through the residential neighborhoods for fear of being hit with these fireworks!!

It would be interesting to get a hospital report on all the fireworks related injuries over this holiday vs dog bites.

Kansas City, KS is all about the money or they would ban all fireworks and all the fireworks stands that sell this stuff. Public Safety is and has never been on the city commissioners and mayor's mind.

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