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July 30, 2008



I think it needs to be noted that KCDA helped bring some positive press to Tio by bringing him to the KCDA Canine Legislation Conference last year. Proof that KCDA noticed him and his program long before HSUS.

Pacelle ticks me off so bad. You know, it will be a good thing if he is going to do a complete turn around on his philosophies, even if for all the wrong reasons. ($$, pretentiousness, etc)

Brent, I have posted negative comments (nothing foul) on his blog before, and of course, he wouldn't post it. You're good -- do you think there's any way that you could make some comment about who all has already encouraged and supported Hardiman and point out the stances Pacelle and HSUS have taken in the past and recently? Maybe comment that we're pleased he seems to be learning something -- or maybe not quite THAT condescending......

Anyway, WE all know KCDA was into Hardiman long before HSUS.....


What would you expect? Of course they'd take the credit, it's what they do and depending on which way the wind is blowing, it's how they create their PR stuff to raise money.

Remember when the H$U$ was fundrasing over the V dogs, claiming to have been involved in the investigation? The State of Virginia was unaware of that. Remember when they needed money to care for the dogs? The dogs they had nothing to do with and wanted to kill?

Speaking only for myself and not our company, if the H$U$ offered to pay all our costs for the case, fund some of our programs, I'd tell them to take a hike. I wouldn't want to be publicly associated with such an organization - duplicitous, self-serving and no friend to animals or their owners.

Their batty aunts at Peta are cut from the same cloth but luckily, all their lies are catching up with them. That tired old piece about 'pit bulls' which is full of nonsense says that Peta rescues many 'pit bulls' so they know whereof they speak.

Um, yeah, right.

This needs to be corrected in the MSM, not on that syrupy blog of BS. Fox might handle it. I'm surprised to see that of all the networks, they've been the ones to put out some fairly good reports about dog issues lately.


Caveat, I tried to post a comment on the Channel 5 link Brent gave to this story and it did not post. Maybe it's too late? In it, I gave Tio Hardimen ALL the credit and pointed out the stances and statements that HSUS has made against pit bulls AND all domesticated animals, as well as their insistence that all the Vick dogs be killed. I feel that Pacelle owes us an explanation!


I talked to Tio at the conference and he said at the time both BF and H$U$ where vying to partner with him. I *thought* he was going to partner with BF as I urged him to do - hell the writing was on the wall at that time about all the Vick dogs!?!? I have no idea why he would partner with the very org that wants to kill the dogs he is working to save?! I wonder how much $$ Tio gets so that H$U$ can slap their name on it? Better be a lot...I guess I should be happy they're actually doing something to help but we all know its all just to raise more funds to help render companion animals extinct.


No surprises here. The HSUS is doing damage control for the PR dings they took for calling for the Vick dogs' deaths. It's icky and incredibly transparent, but I'm sure it works for Tio for a few different reasons..

To be honest, I don't think Tio is actually doing a whole lotta dog rehab. We spoke at the hsus expo and I gathered that he had only worked with a small handful of dogs, and the dog training classes consisted of mostly his kids and their friends. But the footage is lovely and it's certainly enough to make Wayne look like he cares about pit bull victims.

But why the hell are they still supplying dog fight footage to the media? Is that really* going to help people "feel differently" about the dogs? Right.


Donna said, 'But why the hell are they still supplying dog fight footage to the media? Is that really* going to help people "feel differently" about the dogs? Right.'

Exactly, Donna. However, all the heartrending and poignant films BadRap has put out there certainly will. I've been passing them on to everyone I know. I sincerely believe that yours and Best Friend's work will make history, changing the entire course of future events for our dogs. That is my earnest hope, anyway. I see you making a huge difference and am truly grateful. I have not done much in this fight besides get educated, but some of my greatest wishes are now coming true, thanks to people like Vick, who was our perfect spotlight in exposing the prevalence and popularity of this horror; as well as the work you all are doing-- substantial and physical proof that what we have preached is actually true, well documented and a very welcome story. Thank you again for all you have done. You have made a tremendous difference and I brag on you guys all the time.

As for Tio, from what I know of his work, regardless of how much actual rehab he is doing, just the fact that he is able to go into the trenches and affect some changes in attitude and treatment of these dogs is greatly appreciated.


They run their dogfighting films in order to fundraise - that's Job One at the H$U$.

Job Two is to make people think certain practices are much more prevalent than they are so they can sully dog ownership in the minds of the public.


One QUICK correction (for an otherwise excellent post) - the Vick dog is a THERAPY dog. Not a service dog. :) Still an awesome thing for a dog to be doing and still requires excellent temperament, but quite a bit less demanding. Important difference. :)

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