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June 30, 2008



What would be also worth knowing, how many of the bites are listed as "unknown" and were they included in the total. Be certain they are counting and including all the same information each year. Plus what is the distribution of severity of the bites. Another point where the media keeps insisting that ONLY pitbulls cause severe bites.


The unknowns are included in the total numbers. They never had more than 5 that were attributed to unknown, and most years were around 2. So I didn't make a big deal of that.

They don't list severity of their bite numbers...but I included several other fairly large breeds to show that the bites aren't moving from pit bulls to chihuahuas...and when you're considering that most victims are usually kids, it's not like the difference between attacks by large dogs is that great. Yeah, the idea that only pit bulls are capable of serious bites is a huge diservice to the public by not making them aware that all dogs can bite and be dangerous. Most aren't. But all can be.

KC KS Kills Dogs

The media of course is conducting a poll - should we have a ban vs no ban. Right now the yes vote is 73% and the no vote is 27%. Click on the top link of Brent's blog and VOTE!!

It's really frustrating the media is already making the decision for the public!!

Rob marek

THANK YOU. You said it better then I could have ever put the words on paper and make sense. I am a proud owner of a 18 month Old Pit-Mastiff mix, and have been since day one defending my dogs honor. Not once has my dog ever been aggressive towards anything more then a rope toy, and further not one person could ever identify her as a Pit Bull. There should be stricter laws in place on those owners who harbor dangerous animals not laws banning animals because of their breed.

Keep up the good Post's



Sorry.... I disagree with you all the way! Last Night I and my dog were attacked by a pitbull. My dog did nothing to provoke the attack. The pitbull was not on a leash, my dog was. I was bitten in a effort to seperate the pitbull from my dog. The pitbull would not quit!!! My dog listend to my orders, but the pitbull owner could not control his dog. Just like a lab loves water, pitbulls breeds like to attack. Sorry but with such a violent type of dog Pitbull owners are sitting on a timebomb. I don't know how many times I've heard the pitbull owner say after an attack "he's never done that before". Home many children and pets have to be hurt or killed before people realize how vicious and dangerous these breeds are. I love dogs. My dog is very gentle and a month earlier played with a pitbull pup. People PLEASE, Pitbulls do not belong in homes or in a residential neighborhood. They are unpredictable. It is the same reason we don't keep badgers for pets. They are dangerous. I hope no one including pitbull owners ever get attacked by this dangerous breed. I have to take my dog to vet here in a couple of hours, and I myself am going to the doctor for an infected bite. People including the owners were crying and screaming from watching the violent attack. Does the chance of injury or possible death make it worth owning a pitbull. As a person who has been attacked, you'll never convince me that its the owners fault or that these dogs are usually gentle. When these dogs go bad, they are made for damaging & killing.



Sorry that this happened to you...but there is very little to "disagree" with in this post. The numbers that I posted were factual data based on what is happening in Council Bluffs. You can't disagree with factual information. It is also very hard to disagree with the reality that their bite numbers in Council Bluffs have not gone down vs before the ban, meaning a net result in no increased public safety.

While dog attacks overall are rare, they can be very scary if you are involved in one. But please don't buy into the hype surrounding these types of dogs without doing some real research on them. The vast majority of these types of dogs are never a problem. In fact, about 99.9% of them will never be involved in any type of attack. However, you never hear about the non-attacking ones in the newspaper. The vast majority function perfectly in homes and residential neighborhoods. As for your comment that the dogs were made for damaging and killing, over the past 25 years, there has been an average of 4 fatal dog attacks by pit bulls each year. Last year was a crazy year for fatalities in general, with 13 confirmed to have been by pit bulls. With a pit bull population in this country of around 5-6 million, that would mean that .0002% of pit bulls were responsible for a fatality. Certainly if they were the killing machines you describe that number would be much higher.

What I propose is not choosing 'pit bulls' over public safety. What I propose is to increase public safety. In order to do this, you have to focus on irresponsible dog owners and aggressive dogs -- REGARDLESS OF BREED. Inherantly, 'pit bull' bans use up a ton of animal control resources dealing with breed identification issues, and dealing with dogs that are not a problem. This tying up of animal control resources takes the resources AWAY from dealing with dangerous dogs of other breeds. So in every single case I've ever seen, dog bites have gone up after breed bans have been passed.


Brent, I appreciate your sympathy, and yes I am a little emotionally charged after the attack. My point is because of the way a pitbull is made, when they go bad they are very dangerous and very destructive. I don't really think there is a dog out there that can take on a pitbull, let alone a child or an adult. This seems to be one of the main attractions of Pitbull owners (their power). There are many other dog breeds out there that don't pose as much of a potential threat. By the way I am located in Omaha, NE. No, my attack did not get reported. It was a neighbors dog. I didn't want them to get cited and fined. Your right, because of the media hype these people would have been subject to heavy fines and the destruction of their dog. And yes I do believe that they are responsible dog owners. Everybody makes mistakes..... yes including me. And yes, the owner said their dog has never done this before. My dog has puncture wounds in the inside of his mouth. He is on antibiotics and should be fine. As for my bite, I am also on medication and will be fine. This dog that attacked had all the opportunity to bite and maul me. I kept grabbing it by its mouth so it would clamp down on me and leave my dog alone, it never did. The dog was focused on killing my dog. The bite I did get was a bite in the stomach, he just bit and released. Believe me, I do understand your love for your dogs. I have also been around many docile pitbulls. BUT when one goes bad.... they can do so much damage so quick. I'll never be convinced no matter how numbers are shown. Pitbulls potential danger is enough for me to never ever own one. I love my dogs, and it would kill me if my dog ever attacked and hurt another dog or human. It would also kill me to have to put it down after the attack. Why ever even take the chance? I posted here just so pitbull owners would understand how an actual pitbull attack victim feels, instead of someone who reads a newspaper or watches TV and all of a sudden now is on the bandwagon to ban a breed of dog. I am not sure as of yet how I feel on that subject. Brent, just the fact that you didn't delete my post shows you have character. Maybe other pitbull owners will read this and understand the responsibility they have of being good dog owners. Its not people like me who are trying to get pitbulls baned. Its irresponsible pitbull owners. Take Care Brent & thanks for letting me get my oppinion out.



I'm glad that you and your dog will be ok.

It is very seldom that I delete comments. I want to encourage open dialogue on topics. As a general rule, I think group-think is very dangerous. I also don't fear truthful information (on both sides of the equation). I think an open dialogue is important...unfortunately, most people don't want to have one.

You said some interesting things in there, and I won't address all of it. But one thing that I will comment on is the damage of the attack. As you noticed, most able bodied people are able to fend off an attack from a 'pit bull' or any other dog attack. And 'pit bulls, though strong dogs, are only usually around 50 lbs dogs. There are many much larger dogs out there that have equal strength. However, it is usually children, small children, that are most at risk...which even amplifies the number and type of dogs that could be a potential problem.

I'd much rather focus limited animal control resources on dealing with problem dogs, regardless of breed, that could potentially cause a problem like the one you faced this week...and the cases studies support me in that being the route that most dramatically supports public safety.

Thanks for coming by and expressing your story. Civil conversation is welcome any time.


My dog was shot and killed for protecting its own house. The officer was NOT invited in and things are way different then the news puts off. Me and The 3 kids who were inches from the cop who illegally opened my door seen and lived it all!


An update on the Omaha Ban... They ended up going with dangerous dog legislation instead of a breed ban. However, pit bulls and other breeds resembling pit bulls must be muzzled and securely leashed if outside the home or not enclosed in a fenced in yard (as do individual dogs of any breed who are deemed dangerous for some reason like biting the neighbor kid). The good news is that if your pit bull passes a temperment test and classes given by the humane society, they can test for canine good citizen certification. If they pass, then they are labeled a "breed ambassador" and get to wear a yellow vest in public and can forgo the muzzle. They still have to be securely leashed though.

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