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June 24, 2008


PAMM - People Against Mad Mothers

With the sad and completely forseeable effect this ordinance is having and the almost laughable comments by the Ebruary guy (almost except he wasn't kidding)...what is most shocking is that SNKC supports killing Black people's pit bulls!?!?! WTF! Are they a KC branch of PETA?!

Of course, Schumacher pushed this thru with the help of his wife Becky explicitly to harrass the boyz in the hood. And the stupid city council just sat there like drones and passed it on thru.


No man, you don't get it.

It's working.

They're killing the most common types of dogs (short-haired, medium-sized, look like the ancestral or Village dog) in record numbers. That's the AR agenda.

Incidentally, you should send your post to the reporter on the story, if you haven't done so already. Also send it in as a letter to the Editor.

That way, they can't pretend they don't have accurate information, even if they don't run it.

Sounds as though these killers and Ontario are having a contest of some kind because the numbers are almost identical - our ban's been around a bit longer (Aug 29/05)but 'pit bull' types are not nearly so common up here as in the US - they have to look for them.


What's sad is that they HAVE accurate information, just lack any cognitive ability to analyize it and realize that you can't kill your way to no-kill...


Brent, thank you SO much for this excellent post! I agree w/ Caveat that this should be sent to the Star -- the Editor, Opinion and the 'journalist'.

Here is a very sad comment: An AC officer of a certain city, who I contacted regarding MSN, stated that the city does not have MSN and they don't need to because they have a pit bull ban. He went on to name a couple of cities that have MSN and said 'This is how they are getting around pit bull bans.' ?????

This all seems so hopeless, so I must commend you for not giving up and continuing to compile and share all this information. I would just like to see some respectable, honest journalist take a serious look at your piece and make some attempt to get this info out there! People tend to skim crap like this Star article, so a bunch of crap gets tucked away somewhere in their brain and they believe it makes sense when it does not!


Just more proof, if we needed it, that BSL has nothing to do with facts...


Yes Becky, they've discovered that MSN can cast a wider net and kill more animals than BSL alone. It is frightening how engrained the PETA mantra of "kill to save" in supposed dog lovers - like Emily mention, in SPITE of the black and white facts that it doesn't work. And even if it did, the means (MSN) does NOT justify the end.

You could make an argument FOR BSL IF it actually worked to increase public safety. But again, the FACTS are that it doesn't and in FACT has the opposite effect.

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