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June 10, 2008



It took 15 years, but the Netherlands has put in print that breed-specific legislation DOES NOT WORK. Yo, idjit legislators, are you listening?


Ironically, when the DDA was passed there were no Dogo Argentinos and no Filo Brasilieros in the UK, and only one Tosa.
Just a quick point, though. Richard Brunstrom is the Chief Police Officer in North Wales, he's nothing to do with the RSPCA.
He's also the one who came up with the bright idea of muzzling all police dogs, so they don't bite criminals (and can't protect themselves when shot at or stabbed, but hey, why would he care about that!).

Brian Cluxton

Kimba - seriously? Muzzling all police dogs? That's genius - . So the police there don't have guns and their dogs are muzzled, good luck when facing some real bad guys.


Thank you Kimba. Police dogs are very genius. If the have no gun at that time this dog catch the muzzle of the bad guys.


Actually, the police in the UK carry guns these days - changing times, changing strategies.

Sweden came out with a good law last year and also stated that there is no evidence that any 'breed' of dog is more dangerous than another. They went after incompetent dog owners.

I'm hoping that this is a trend now. We've been working hard and maybe it's finally starting to pay off.

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