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June 19, 2008



Annoyingly, in my goggle alerts that story has been picked up by 10 different newspapers (mostly outside of TX) and nothing yet on the infant attacked by a Rottie:


It was instantly picked up by the AP, and is now pretty much everywhere, USA Today, MSNBC,, and numberous TV, Newspaper and radio outlets. Yip, big news.

KC KS Kills Dogs

Take a look at how USA Today is reporting this story!! They totally leave out the quote from the neighbor about the dog being chained 24/7.


Oh here we go, now we're going to hear all the, "when will pit bull owners learn? When are we going to wipe this dog out?" It reminds me of that guy here that bought the chow/pit bull mix and blamed the breed instead of the fact that it had a history of aggression and was always chained up, the blood of his nieces was from his own hands. When are people just going to start getting it? When are they going to take responsibility instead of making everyone else pay? I see pit bulls all the time in the Plaza area that are owned by affluent whites in the 30s and older. I as a minority have to know this "belief" that a dog is just an animal and belongs out doors and you can treat it however. And then just forget that fact because its usually that "belief" in all lower-income people. How do they expect a dog they get to protect and intimidate to have any loyalty to them when its neglected, and then to any other family, let alone humans?


I left out a sentence somewhere and a few words in the middle of my post. I have come to know that "others" is what I meant, sorry, I think you get what I'm trying to say though.

Monica Schreiber

Thanks, as always, for your interesting comments on a tragic story. It is always the same: people start yelling about the pit bulls, not stopping to think for a moment that pit bulls just so happen to be the types of dogs favored by people who believe it is appropriate to chain a dog 24/7. Is it the dog or the method of confinement? I can't answer the question, but one thing is for sure, my fellow volunteers with Dogs Deserve Better have seen freakin' Yorkies turn vicious after being kept chained by the neck, to the same disgusting piece of mud, for 5 or 10 years.

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