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June 13, 2008



Whatever the reason, I suspect that fundraising is behind it.

Maybe the H$U$ is finally losing its sheen with the millions of soft-hearted people who fill its coffers and is trying a new tactic - sounding like an animal welfare organization instead of an animal rights organization.

I'm not religious, but one saying often comes to mind (paraphrasing):

"Even the Devil can quote scriptures to suit his purpose"


It's all for show to raise money. No other reason. A good liar, a good media misleader, and he even has pro bono attys fooled. HSUS amicus brief in Denver says breed can be determined 99% of the time and they are quoting the tester companies. what they fail to say is it's for entertainment,it's not proven for court use, and it couldn't be used in Denver anyway (they admitted that). So why did they bring it UP???? It wasn't to help get dogs adopted, that's for sure. I will support hunting/sporting groups so the credibility of HSUS can be taken down, esp in regard to pet ownership. The misleading needs to be publicized nationwide. Maybe not on Oprah but on grassroots level.

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