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May 06, 2008



Sounds so PETA, doesn't it? Let's euth all the pit bulls so something bad doesn't happen to them.

I think it is totally awesome of Laura Morris to be so generous with her time. I would absolutely love to see free obedience classes offered by shelters for the dogs they adopt out (of all breeds). I think that'd help more dogs "stick".


Me thinks Ruth Steinberger works for PETA, sounds like the twin to Ingrid.
Good for Laura Morris, she's got the right idea.


Great ideas in this post, Brent! Let us hope and pray that more and more kind, caring people continue to come forward w/ more great ideas and eventually quash and supersede all the fables, myths and blind hatred!


Atwater and Steinberger are so totally spewing the PETA line: kill all pit bulls because some of them might be abused. It's the mentality that "justifies" killing 95% of the animals PETA takes in, and making money off of it.

It's so sick, it's hard to know what to say

PAMM - People Against Mad Mothers

A large portion of the rescue community in KC believes the same crap...personally, I think a lot of them buy in so pit bulls won't be their problem and they'll have more time to fight over the foo foo dogs in the shelter instead.

I'd like to hear of ONE instance where this has happened. And for that ONE instance - how do you justify killing the other 99!?


I think Best Friends is doing the right thing, especially with regards to the vick dogs.


I like the free (or maybe half price?) obedience idea - for EVERY dog adopted from the shelter, not just medium-sized, short-haired dogs. People like this (even with the best of intentions) just help promote the idea that 'pit bulls' are so different from other dogs that they are hardly dogs at all.

How prevalent do these yin-yangs think dogfighting is? How many people who engage in this activity are interested in adopting dogs from shelters? Wouldn't they use purebreds from established lines?

These statements are nonsensical in the extreme and as pointed out above, promote the AR agenda.

I guess this article begs the question: who in their right mind would take their dog who might be mistaken for a 'pit bull' to the shelter in Tulsa? You'd be better off taking him to the vet and having him put down yourself if you couldn't keep him or find him a suitable home.


In Morris' defense, I think she made the training for 'pit bulls' just to offer incentive for the shelter to adopt them out (since they were the ones that were discriminating). Ideally, I think almost all rescues and shelters should figure out a way to offer some basic training information for adopters (regardless of breed). I think it'd really, really help their return rates, and give an opportunity to gain future volunteers with the incremental touchpoints.


I see your point Caveat, but KCDA plans to target pit bull /Presa /mastiff adopters for our next Pit Bull University training class. They're going to be looking for any reason they can find not to bother with adopting them out. Hopefully if we have some succesful graduates we can say "See, look how great this guy and his dog was!"

I like the idea for EVERY dog too - but with our coffers less than over-flowing we'll do what we can.


When I adopted Monty from the Hamilton, ON SPCA, I got their obedience course at half price. This was for any adopted dog, 10 lessons, once per week.

Was it the best obedience course in the world? No, it was pretty basic but it made people work and show up every week, which is of course the point - building the commitment to your dog.

Oh, and my adorable Monty and I got a certificate for showing up, not passing. In the words of the instructor "There's one dog in this class who doesn't give a damn what anybody says to him." Guess who LOL?

PS He eventually cared what I said to him and that was good enough for me.


"I guess this article begs the question: who in their right mind would take their dog who might be mistaken for a 'pit bull' to the shelter in Tulsa?"

Interestingly it was someone from out of town who started this. Some guy from Wisconsin was on a business trip and found two 'pit bull" type dogs. He took them into the shelter and told them that if they couldn't find homes for them, he wanted to adopt them and would be passing back through at the end of the week. They took the dogs without telling him that they wouldn't even allow him to get the dogs back at the end of the week. So his complaints are what is leading to the potential policy change.

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