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May 07, 2008


s kennedy

ADA 'problem' with SB861 in CA re SF pitbull law has supposedly been settled and plaintiff will drop lawsuit. I have not seen the settlement, BUT judge chesnut (as we call her,not her real name) says when she sees the stipulation then she will drop the next hearing scheduled. So conceivably the Plaintiffs might get their fees awarded. I don't know if that was agreed upon. I can check down the line. PS chesnut is the judge that said: "If there are less pitbull then less kids will be killed by pitbulls." I don't think an appropriate reply exists. also mandated MSN in Los angeles is being challenged in superior court.

s kennedy

Vermont Supremes will be hearing an AR case saying cats are more than property. AR atty who teaches AR law is counsel. also the writ of mandamus petition challenging MSN for Los angeles is on there via pdf.


Thanks for the mention, Brent. We are looking forward to going to the Court of Appeals where we hope to have the law struck down in its entirety.

As it was already found unconstitutional at the Superior Court of Justice level, we are optimistic. It is unusual for that Court to make such a finding and we didn't expect to win at the SCJ.

We are suing in the public interest, as decided by the Court, so it would be nice if more of the Canadian public would support us financially.

We wish everyone who is pursuing a case anywhere in the world every success possible. Together, we can and will eventually win this war against dog ownership.

Unfortunately, the damage that has been done by the mindless may never be fully repaired but at least we will have saved dogs' lives and regained our equality as citizens.

PAMM - People Against Mad Mothers

The fact is, if every pet owner would donate $25 to these lawsuits we wouldn't have BSL/MSN/weight limits/restrictive pet limits anymore. $25 will ensure your right to own a pet - and some of your other rights too! Like that pesky old "Due Process". Pretty cheap if you ask me...

s kennedy

(sorry, the MSN Los Ang wasn't apparently showing up before when I gave the link)

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