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May 13, 2008



You really bring out the real issues and make their mistakes and stupidty known. Thank you!!


This article proves the stupidity of people in general. City officials really believe that by banning something, the problem just magically disappears. Oh no, the problem magically worsens, SURPRISE!

I love the statistics that you threw on your blog about Cincy being the 8th highest murder capital in the world, but they are focusing on banning a dog breed. WOW, this is really insane and I am embarassed to say I live in OH.


"Mediots" - love it! Mind if I use it, giving you credit of course?

As for Cinci, remember when that 'study' came out showing that high risk owners have high risk dogs (aka 'pit bulls')?

I did a bit of a lookup on Hamilton County fora post at the time and found that it was economically depressed with a very high crime rate.

I'm sure that banning a vague shape of domestic dog should get things fixed up in no time.

Mediots...heh. Policretins? Bureaucranks? You've got me going now, Brent!


LOL Caveat. I can hardly take credit for 'mediots'. I read it somewhere, loved, it and stole it. Sadly, I couldn't find the original source to give proper attribution. I did add it to the "urban dictionary" page - which I suppose is like a copywrite these days.

Another new favorite is off of a Comedy Central Commercial (Marjorie shares my affinity) -- Democratics. I kind of like it too.


As embarassing as it is to live in Ohio, it's worse to live in Cleveland and have the Plain Dealer as our source of news! I wrote to Donna Miller blasting her for cherry picking the CDC statistics with an aside that Clifton's study isn't valid because the sample is inherently biased, and you what she replied? "I'll let Merritt know your concerns"!!!!! This woman is so biased she should have her press pass revoked. I'm still angry!


Clifton is a wanker and so, obviously, is Miller.

Send the bimbo this link and tell her to read Luisa's shredding of Clifton's garbage (both parts). It's one of the best guttings of his made up nonsense I've seen:


Thanks Caveat! Great analysis. I wonder what is going to happen when Clifton dies. Is he grooming an heir apparent to collect his newspaper articles? The only two pro-BSL sources I ever see quoted are the CDC and Clifton.


Actually, Dawn, the CDC was not pro-BSL. It's just that mediots (heh) and paid sellouts like Beck from Purdue jumped on the ban wagon and cashed in based on the flawed tables and methodology in the CDC studies. Incidentally, they did the same thing with the Sacks dog bite study - that's why you'll hear that there are 4 million bites a year, sometimes even reported bites or bites requiring medical attention when if you read the paper you'll see it was just a guess based on the sketchy evidence available which was extrapolated to come up with a possible number.

Even the CDC (Julie Gilchrist) has publicly repudiated their dog bite fatality papers and has said they wished they'd never published them.

Scientists and researchers don't always think of the implications of the things they publish. That's why I'm always quick to refute anything new that I think could be misused by coneheads like Nelson, Clifton, Beck, etc. They (and the hacks in the media and public offices) have a way of cherry-picking what they can sensationalize without actually reviewing the findings, methodology, etc to see what's valid and what isn't.

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