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April 06, 2008


Social Mange

Great weekly roundup, and thanks for the link to Greg Page's article, I was impressed with his writing.


Me too, Social Mange. I added a comment to his piece, thanking him -- because he is in a position to remark on the similarities between profiling, stereotyping and bigotry against breeds of dogs, and the same against humans, while it feels a little inappropriate for those of us who are not black to make the comparison between humans and dogs. He said a lot in one article!

I kinda wanted to comment that he was right in being apprehensive about a dog at large, ANY dog at large, but figured it did not figure in to the points he was making, which were huge.


Also, great Round Up, Brent! You always keep me from getting my Sunday chores done!

In the first article, it is important to note the statement, QUOTE, "The task force and Eureka Police Department raided two residences early Thursday morning that have since been “red-tagged” by the city, meaning they're unsafe and dangerous to occupy."

Important that the article specifies these dangers and they are all human and drug related, not dog related. And so we realize that these residences were unsafe and dangerous for dogs, as well as children.

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