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April 03, 2008



8 WEEKS OLD???!!! While I have no problem at all with pediatric spays and neuters done by shelters before pups are adopted out, requiring that already owned puppies be altered at 8 weeks is disgusting. At 8 weeks, you're going to know that this baby is potential breeding material. Of course you are.

This whole thing is all kinds of wrong in a wide variety of ways, but I'm stuck on the 8 weeks. Geez.


Not sure what's worse, that you are stuck on the 8 weeks old, or that everything else is so jacked up that the 8 weeks old barely fazed me.

And yeah, 8 weeks is too young for most dogs.


Who wrote this? Nelson?

Let me get this straight. Dogs were trained to do something by people. Therefore, they will do those things without being trained.

Is it like a cultural memory thing, which doesn't exist?

Qualities have been learned for so long that they have become 'inbred' [sic].

Quick, scribe, define 'learned' and 'inbred'.


So, take reading for example. People have been learning to read for centuries (or in your case, a few minutes but I digress). So by now, the ability to read should be inbred.


I can't go on, there's too much here to mock.

This has GOT to be a parody, it can't possibly be a real article.

Maybe it's a late April Fool's thing.


OK, one more thing. Where did Dr Doolittle learn (er, inherit the notion?) that Gun dogs are docile?

Obviously not from firsthand experience, from reading or from consulting with anybody who knows the slightest thing about dogs.

So, using the right fork? Is that inbred? How about making your bed? Inbred? Lighting a candle? Inbred?

Stop me, my head's about to blow....

S Kennedy

BIG SIGH......OK, so the difference between genius and stupidity is that stupidity has no limits? There is no limit on how many dummy-dum-dums can keep the media trash cranking. It doesn't seem to be slowing down much. On another issue of nathan and the 147pg report of a WA shelter...I reviewed part of it..the shelter has MSN and doesn't enforce it (too costly/they are understaffed/under budget)but say that their live rate release has increased each year for about 6yr. I cant give opinion until I read entire report. But sources say nathan is barking up wrong tree.


"Come on, people. There are virtually no pit-bull service dogs in use by the blind or disabled. Docile Labs and goldens have understandably cornered that market."

Well, geez, besides the Pit bull, there are virtually no Bassett Hound, Dalmation, Greyhound, Sheepdog, Yorkie, Afghan, Poodle, St. Bernards, or a hundred other breeds of dogs that rarely, if ever, can be found in use by the blind or disabled.

So we can then assume, as the writer of this article has, that if a breed of dog in not commonly found in use by the blind or disabled it is because they are not a "docile" breed.

You're right Caveat, this stuff is so incredible it almost seems like a "joke."
Oh, and excellent point about generations of human having been "trained to read" so that it should be "inbred" by now!


Brent, were you able to write a response to the person who published this piece of crap? It is criminal that this has been presented to the public as 'expert' opinion and facts. This is the very reason the GP is so ignorant on this issue!

We can joke about this stupidity, it is so ridiculous, but it is seriously dangerous. If we say we must call the writers of such rubbish on what they write every time, how can we do this besides just commenting or emailing the person? Retractions or corrections will never happen.


added note: Possibly the hardest part is that the writer believes what he has published. We've got myth and stupidity building on myth and stupidity and so the mountain grows higher by the minute.

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