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April 18, 2008



A disturbing suggestion was made by the supervisor of KCMO AC to increase licensing compliance, a suggestion that could set a poor precendent for other cities in the metro.

Mr. Schumacher was not willing to review the effectiveness of modern cities success with elimination of pet limits. But rather he would like to have vets in the metro provide AC with lists of pet owners whose pets were immunized for rabies. Mr. Schumacher even suggested obtaining those lists from third parties.

This will create more problems than it will solve.

1) Pet owners will discontinue getting their pets immunized against rabies and possibly increase the threat to public safety

2) A city that claims it is broke and a department that has a $140,000 deficit has no business wasting taxpayer's money on what will surely be a cumbersome, administrative nightmare of work.

3) Local vets will lose revenue from citizens who will simply hop over the state line or to other cities and get the immunizations from vets outside of KC, Missouri.


This sounds like a job for Bill.

Good luck getting vets to surrender private records, they'll fight it.

And Brent, you were too trying to mislead us over those numbers :>)

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