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April 30, 2008



what a disgusting story.

it sure seems like there've been a lot of "cop shoots dog on owner's property" stories lately.

Social Mange

I must admit, this story along with the incredibly callous comment about "firing up the incinerator" leave me with a very low opinion of Kansas City.

Rednecks fer daze, and frighteningly they're in positions of authority.


Very depressing story all around.

They could say 'cremated' instead of 'incinerated', that would show a bit more sensitivity.


No comment on the chaining, I believe plenty of justice has already been done on chaining dogs. Well, sorry, nevermind, there's probably never enough...

Anyway, #4, #4, #4!!

This is an extremely scary story. Why are we left with no evidence, once again? KCMO does not run smoothly enough to pick up a dog and complete incineration in so short a time. No body? This sounds quite purposeful for KCMO. No record of this man's calls? This is preposterous!!

Shot 5 times?? A dog?? Isn't that a bit of overkill? I thought that police officers were held accountable every time they drew their guns? I'm not saying that they have no right to defend themselves against a charging, vicious dog. I'm saying that it seems this story was told and the mess cleaned up before anyone could even question it.


Becky, I couldn't agree more.

Social Mange, honestly, Kansas City is a pretty good place. There are a lot of really great people here. Unfortunately, not a lot of them seem to be in charge of much of running our city.

s kennedy

Let's see...if that had been a realllly good chain/collar, the dog would not have escaped? I think the early to rise incinerator was done purposely bec they knew they could get away with it. No way they don't know who/what they are incinerating. they know. #4--WAS the dog agitated, OR did they agitate it on purpose? In CA the hells angels case (san jose) involved swat team swooping down on mobile home dweller w/2 dogs in yard. dogs only barked and they killed both I think,then trashed entire place/yard. then got sued and victim won a pretty good sum, esp for property loss and dog killing. Can't remember the sum exactly, 900k or ?

KC KS Kills Dogs


The Hells Angels won 800k from the city of San Jose. The city was forced to settle because an appeals court ruled shooting the dogs violated constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

Also another jurisdiction Santa Clara Cty, Calif earlier paid about 990k to settle claims brought against the sheriff for the raids.

More police departments need to realize dogs are people's property and if they just go in with guns ablazing they can be sued.

s kennedy

The atty on one of those winning lawsuits did tell us that BSL ordinances are unconstitutional. In fact she laughed while saying it.

Social Mange

Brent, no doubt KC has good people just as Ontario has good people, a few idiots shouldn't tarnish the rest. Such a shame that the inmates seem to be running the asylum.

learn to spell said...

If you are going to be warriors arm yourselves with information, not suppositions.

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