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April 22, 2008



Right on Osceola, MO. It is good to see cities getting smart about breed neutral ordinances.

I do disagree with the voice control piece though. I've seen it too many times where a dog is under voice control the majority of the time, but the voice control is overridden by going after my dogs on leash.


I guess I just think it's ridiculous that as a society we've come to the point where it is illegal for me to play fetch in the park with my matter how perfectly behaved she might be.


"have a tendency or disposition to attack"

you mean like all those nasty good for nothing pit bulls?

still too much grey area for my comfort.



I don't necessarily disagree. I like the law very much in theory (and in practice where I've seen it instituted). I like that people can have some cause to treat a dog as dangerous even before it attacks someone. I do however agree that this could be really dangerous if you have the wrong person in an animal control capacity (that could say that "pit bull" looks dangerous because it's a "pit bull"). I do think that these ordinances do allow for proper appeals to be sure that one bad egg doesn't cause the whole thing go astray.

That said, I do appreciate your concern on this one and don't entirely disagree.


We have the off-leash-if-under-control law in Berkeley forever and it's been a bit of a nightmare. Just use your imagination. On the bad side, we hold our classes here so attendees have to be on the look-out for menacing loose dogs constantly, not to mention in very good control of their own dog when they're approached.

On the upshot, it's helped people learn how to break up dog fights without much fuss or fanfare. In fact, dog fights are so common here that they don't seem to carry the stigma that they might in other cities. Strange, huh? Not good for the little dogs though -- way too many fatalities. At some point I'm sure someone will work to change that law after the death or maiming of a pet. Let's just hope a pit bull isn't involved when that happens because the media will be oh so happy.

That's great news out of Oscola. Congrats to all the players.


I do find it ridiculous as well that you cannot go to the park and play frisbee with a perfectly well behaved dog. But, the problem comes from people. Many people I know say they have a perfectly well behaved dog, but they don't. People prove on a regular basis that they know minimal about dog behavior and what is good and what is bad.

Let's say a lab is off leash and comes after my pit bull type of dog on leash next to me. My pit bull type will get blamed for any altercation that may occur. This is where I have an issue with off leash in general. I like it in theory but it makes people use their good judgement of how well behaved their animal really is, and quite frankly many people don't have good judgement when it comes to decision making for their animals.


The problem is always the people. I think their ordinance does a good job of defining "voice command" - -and if they do a half-way decent job of just stopping by local parks and checking on the off-leash dogs I think people would get the point. I know Calgary does that and it seems as if they've had good success with it (although they have a great animal control division and have the resources to actually be sure people get what "voice command" really means.

I also think that it should be well noted and precedented that if your dog is off-leash it never, ever gets the benefit of the doubt over the leashed dog. Ie, if someone's chihuahua is off leash and your on leash lab snaps its head off - -while it's not cool of your dog, you dog was under your control. They have to have the precedent or it will be mayhem.

Wow Donna, I didn't realize that Berkeley's law was such a disaster...although I have to admit, people recognizing that a little dog scuffle is usually no big deal and not worthy of fan fair (vs a phone call to our your local "live, late breaking and investigative" news service would be an excellent side affect.

Maybe I'm wrong, I just don't have a problem with people who truly train their dogs having the ability to play fetch in the park with their dog. There has to be a way of this working without making that illegal.

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