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April 04, 2008



ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Thanks, Brent. That's just priceless. Never to be outdone, look for triple-banning, next.

Ah...the effectiveness of those breed bans...


“Every dog is going to bite, but the difference between a pit and a normal dog is a pit doesn’t bite — it mauls,” Eudora Chief of Police Greg Dahlem said. “It holds on until whatever it’s attacking is lifeless. So do they need to be outlawed? Absolutely.”

Brent, you forgot to mention this priceless comment by Eudora's resident "canine expert."
Ummm, makes you wonder how come fatal attacks do not number in the thousands, considering all the media reports of alleged "beserking Pit bulls" and their alleged refusual to release their victims until they are "lifeless."
I guess even a Police Chief can say anything he wants, regardless of whether there is any truth to it.
We've long ago learned that many officials and/or politicians feel they have NO obligation to make truthful or accurate comments about dogs or dog attacks.


Don`t give Ontario politicians any ideas.
They can come up with dumb ideas all on their own.
Someone from the Ontario Legislature was just on my blog for 14 minutes and 30 secs.
They were reading my suggestion that they need to designate EVERY single dog in Ontario as "substantially similar" or Not "substantially similar" to the 3 banned Pure Breeds.
I don`t know whether I`m happy about that or disturbed that my elected officials have nothing better to do with their time than be on my blog?
I think they should be reading blogs on their own time.


Know what, Mac's Gang? That scares me, that's what.




I take it the air is as oxygen-thin in Eudora as it is in Denver and Queen's Park, Toronto.

The police chief should take a chill pill. I can just hear his blood pressure rising as he rants.


We had a member go to a city council meeting there about a year ago. After they discussed dogs, their attention turned to snakes. Not all snakes mind you, but they were concerned about the kind that escape and eat babies...

I'm sure that that has happened...maybe, once somewhere.

Eudora was the home of one of only two 'pit bull' fatalities in the state of Kansas (the 2nd one just happened 2 years ago) -- so their paranoia level is quite high there...obviously.


OMNI Hotels in Washington D.C. must have heard about the snakes that eat babies.
This makes perfect sense now.


Washington,District of Columbia

From their website-[quote]Pets allowed
($50 non-refundable fee to be donated to "Guiding Eyes for the Blind").
Extreme or Wild Animals not allowed
(i.e., snakes, pitbulls, etc.). [/quote]

You can bring your snakes and "Pit Bulls" to the other locations as long as they don`t weigh more than 25 lbs.
Watch those Staffies.
That could go either way.
Maybe allowed,maybe not.

Anyone in Kansas care to add themselves to the My Dog Votes Map?
You don`t have to own a dog.
You just have to oppose BSL.
Quite a few Americans,not too many Canadians so far and a few others from around the world.


In 1999 the Kansas Board of Education voted to remove evolution from the list of subjects tested on state standardized tests, in effect encouraging local school boards to consider dropping or de-emphasizing evolution. In 2000, Kansas voters responded to the proposed change by throwing out enough anti-evolution Board members to restore the old science standards, but by 2004 a new conservative school board majority was proposing that intelligent design be discussed in science classes. (In 2006, the Kansas tug-of-war continued, with pro-evolution moderates again retaking control of the Board.)

And now, in 2008, some Kansans vote to ban pit bulls. Again . The Intelligent Design that put those pit bulls there may not be happy with their meddling.

(the above info from

Pet Urns

That is just crazy... I wonder what they will think of trying to ban next?

PAMM - People Against Mad Mothers

I'm sure it will be the baby eating snakes.

Eudora Resident

I wish they would inforce the ban. I had one this weekend that got loose and came up in my garage and was barking at me. I had to make sure my boxer and kids didn't come outside until they caught that thing. Good breed bad breed no difference not taking the chance with my kids!

The Eudora Police don't even know the law. One told me they were banned and another one told me that they had to meet certain criterias. Either way they dont enforce it!


Yes Eudora resident, like so many Breed Specific Laws the one in Eudora is not very enforceable -- and the city would be much better off just enforcing its leash law (which would have solved your problem). Not sure why cities continue to pass harder laws to enforce instead of just enforcing the easy ones that would solve the problems...

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