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April 02, 2008


KC KS Kills Dogs

Derick Lee was accused of involuntary manslaughter in Mrs. McConnells death, the jury decided today. See the link:

Know I don't know if the McConnell family is that unfamiliar with dogs and canine behavior or if someone is feeding this family bull$hit.

But the McConnell family feels sorry for Derick Lee the supposed dog owner whose dog attacked their mom! They call him a dog lover!! And the McConnell family wants more teeth to the pit bull ordinance!!!!

How much more teeth do they want? KCK AC has already implemented the pit bull amnesty program - rounding up and killing 235++ dogs in 2 weeks; they routinely confiscate innocent family dogs they classify as pit bulls, KCK AC already denies victims of their scam due process rights and routinely performs illegal search and seizures.

I wish every dog owner in KCK would march on city hall and demand reasonable laws that ONLY target bad dog owners based on fact and success; not emotion based laws decided by victims' families.

It's going to get a whole lot worse for dog owners in KCK and I mean all dog owners.

PAMM - People Against Mad Mothers

The McConnel family is positioning themselves for the civil suit against the city. So now, they don't want it to be Lee's needs to be the CITY's fault.


Maybe if the animal control officers would have come out and investigated the dogs the first couple of times Ms McConnell called them about the dogs next door instead of sitting behind their desks and searching for pit bulls on craigs list things might have turned out differently.

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