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March 02, 2008


S. kennedy

I am guessing that the majority of the stories are not necessarily pit stories, but just dog attacks, and that it would appear more people are beginning (gee! light bulb going off?!) to get the drift that a dog is a dog. But a bad owner is something else.


I think the media is realizing their fear mongering can be expanded to other breeds as well!


I`m also noticing more "attacks" by other Breeds and they`re actually mentioning the real Breed in a few cases.
Are they the next "demon" dogs?
I think Labs are in for some trouble.The Press can always fall back on that Face Transplant story if all else fails.
Lucky Bay County Animal Control and congrats to Jim!
I really appreciate what Pima County is doing to help these dogs and I wrote to them about it.
I really like the spectators being arrested at dog fights.I think this is almost sicker than the fighters themselves,if that`s possible.
But I really have to wonder..aren`t there a few wars and other important things happening around the world?
Are most of these dog stories even newsworthy?
When exactly did dogs morph in to such "evil" creatures?
Looking back at photographs of our family dogs over the years...a few would be in trouble in todays world.
I always look forward to this roundup because I keep hoping I`ll visit one time and all it will say is "There`s nothing this week"


I was thinking the same thing MAC...that most of these stories shouldn't have even been covered. I'm wondering if the papers have gotten enough crap from people about only covering pit bull incidents that now, they're going to try to show how unbiased they are by covering other incidents. I'm sure PETA and H$U$ LOVE it - they'll use this to push MSN.

S. kennedy

I'm sure Michelle is right. After all, they told Ohio they plan to extinct certain breeds if they can't BSL them out, and Los Angeles (Charlotte Laws) said the same thing prior to the SB861 deal in SF.


In light of the fact that most of these stories should never have made the news, BUT they DID, in fact, terrifies me.

Yes, these stories and these facts prove exactly what we have been fighting to prove.

However, knowing the American Public and our city governments, who refuse to consider all of these facts, may gradually, eventually and possibly use these very stories to 'pull in the reigns' on dog ownership, eventually ending our future companionship with dogs. Too much hype and hoopla. Much as the GP relies on the media for education, I fear we will end up w/ a lot more troubles than pit bull bans.

Please tell me I am probably wrong -- because rather than experiencing relief because of the fact that many other breeds are attacking, we may end up fighting a fierce battle to save this companionship altogether, regardless of the breed.

S. kennedy

For whatever reason, the public likes to know about dog attacks. Probably due to the "man's best friend" thing, it seems contrary to what most dogs do. It IS contrary to what most dogs do;however, if they can only eliminate the actual dangerous dogs (breed/size irrelevant)then I would rather see that, than see many dogs go down for no reason at all. ARs will have a hard time eliminating dogs because for one big thing--the dog millers aren't going anywhere. And most AC do not have enough manpower or funds.

However the BSL is slowly eroding. And hopefully if they think they can MSN them out of existence, go ahead and try. They will never make it.

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