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March 23, 2008



In the "two Bull Mastiff" story...they show a picture of what could be two AB mixes - if the guy shot the dogs how did they get a picture? I'm wondering if this is a case where they're using stock photos...I don't know why the guy would offer up the pictures on his own. Also another "never showed any signs" case...yeah right.


I am as unqualified as the press (and probably the owner) to properly ID a breed, but I also do not see bull mastiff in these dogs' faces, IF in fact, these are the dogs. I also see more bulldog.

Still, in establishing the fact that many and/or ALL breeds are involved in attacks, we need to be careful NOT to sick the media on to other breeds, in our struggle to vindicate pits.

Breed aside, admittedly, only based on appearances, the habitat in this photo does not appear to be one for 'family companions.' Once again, this appears to be a huge key element in most attack stories I have read in the past 2 years.

That's why it's so important for us to help get Brent's and everyone else's studies out there and get the media and yahoos off of breeds!

Hopefully someday this will help us develop a more peaceful and quality coexisitence w/ dogs, and not the reverse! (ie; we gotta stomp HSUS)

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