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March 04, 2008



How sad.
People being dragged around by a catch pole would have trouble after release,never mind a dog.
What a way to treat an animal!
He`s a good looking boy.
Just out of curiosity,I wonder if a legal win for a dog in the US would hold up legally in Ontario?How does that work?
I`m going to put a link back to Niko on my blog.I`m sure this good looking fella will find a family.
I have a lot of US visitors.


Nikko is one fantastic looking dog! I'd snatch him up in a minute, if I were able to handle one more, and if my Roo was not so rude to males!

I am going to pass his story and plea on to Roverlution and anyone else I can think of. Nikko is a huge symbol of what is wrong w/ too many AC depts, POUNDS, and city governments -- as well as a major example and proclamation that city governments are repeatedly violating citizens' constitutional rights.

He is just about famous and I believe there should be quite a few good people out there who would jump at the opportunity to train, care for, and show off this extremely handsome boy!

This is another American Tragedy that I hope and pray leads to a happy ending.

KC KS Kills Dogs

I'm sending lots of emails and making calls to people that might know of a good home for this stellar boy. I am saying lots of prayers too, so he gets the BEST home - he deserves it.


Poor Nikko. Another victim of a dog gulag run with tax dollars. Too many dogs are ruined and killed in municipal pounds, the UK has hundreds of horror stories.

I propose that every lame animal control/services manager and officer should be dragged by the neck with a catchpole, so they understand the dog's point of view. The good ones already understand.


Breaks my heart, knowing all he that he must have suffered. Still, he is a very good dog!

K9 Coach

More than upsetting. It's amazing that time is spent on breaking up a perfectly happy family when it seems there are some terribly wrong things going on in our world that should be dealt with.

This poor dog. I'm hoping for Law of Attraction for this boy and he will end up with a great home with the plan of exercise, discipline, and affection!


What did the DNA result show this dog to be a mix of? Please let us know.


First off, let me note that I'm not sold on the DNA testing thing just yet, but according to the test, Nikko is 100%, certifiable, DNA tested Mutt.

According to the test, he is about 1/12 Staffordshire terrier, with noticable amounts (but less than 1/12) of Cavelier King Spaniel and Miniature Schnauzer. The rest is just trace amounts of stuff.

If I were to judge him based on looks (and I have a few pretty expert opinions too) I'd say he was part Rhodesian Ridgeback, and part bulldog/boxer of some type.

But according to the DNA test, he's a mutt.


There is no common sense in government. With breed specific legislation officals are trying to cuddle up to the vocal minority.

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