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March 17, 2008



You know what I don't get about BSL NOW idiots? Is that they even use "statistics" like the ones about Miami-Dale county 20 year Pit Bull ban that still shows that Pit Bulls are alive and well(I use well loosely) in cities where there are bans. Doesn't that alone prove that BSL DOESN'T WORK?!



The biggest problem I see is that people are creating these laws without a clear vision for what they want and think the law will do for them -- or even what they want it to do. There is no study of the results from other places that have passed the same law. There is little measurement to see if the results are what they want them to be (ie, Miami Dade County didn't even track dog bite numbers until 18 years after the law was passed).

There is no analysis, no expectations, no goals. They just seem to pass the law and hope.

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