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February 04, 2008



It's great these stories are making press,
positive for a change.
This really reinforces there is no such thing as a "mean gene".
It's the love of humans that have made the bull and terriers prey to cruel humans.
They really just want to please their human pack.(and its got them into a lot of trouble)
I'm glad these dogs are getting a second chance.

Sabrina Kennedy

The NY Times story was compelling. Hoping the dogs progress and some make it out of BF. It was good that the government had Vick pay for the dogs' rehab because he could well afford it. They should have had him also do 5 years of community service teaching people that even dogs he ruined can turn around.


He should have been forced to contribute to legal funds as well since people like Vick have helped to entrench BSL.

Glad the dogs are doing OK and that the media is covering it. Hope the message is getting out there that dogs of all kinds have been libeled.

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