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February 12, 2008





No kidding Mac. I'm not sure if this man has enough money for a lawsuite (they can get quite expensive), but I know I'm sick and tired of the "well, we can get you a new one" mentality. People have emotional connections with dogs...and dogs with people. You can't just "replace" the emotional connection with a new dog because "oops" we killed your other one.

I'm sure I'll keep everyone posted if I hear any more.


I'll contribute to the legal fund.


This is absolutely heinous. INexcusable. I do not know how all cities work or if some cities send any of these cases to 'The District'. Would be worth the study. In the city in which I work as a court clerk, a citizen can appeal and/or request a trial at very little cost, (that is, if an attorney is not used). Folks are not charged any add'l court fees, except I believe $64.50 for a trial. At least in PV, a person may plead not guilty and request a trial in every case, and most of ours are traffic offenses. This would also be the case for animal control violations and stuff like violating city codes, battery, DUIs.

So, unless this case is so convoluted and there is an effort to 'push it on thru', the defendent would not need a lawyer, but should go in w/ plenty of facts.


KCMO folks - please contact your city council members on this issue. KCDA has been in contact with this man and this is not going to be swept under the rug.


Hey I like Lawsuits against idiots.
I`ll contribute also.
I`ll post the bank info or paypal link on my site if he files suit.
Let us know.
I think a few legal wins might just wake up a few people.
Be very careful where you stick that needle,because it might end up costing you a lot of money!!

marlin hatcher

I Marlin Hatcher thank everyone soooo much for the support however im just seeing this so if ANYONE would hepl me i would appreciate it!!!!! MY EMAIL IS

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